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Synonyms for selfsame

being one and not another or others; not different in nature or identity

Synonyms for selfsame

being the exact same one

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It was afterwards affirmed that Sir William Howe had repeated that selfsame gesture of rage and sorrow, when, for the last time, and as the last royal governor, he passed through the portal of the Province House.
Porter which he had once, apelike, buried in this selfsame spot.
He knew not yet exactly the nature of the thing that moved so stealthily through the jungle a few hundred yards behind the deer; but he was convinced that it was some great beast of prey stalking Bara for the selfsame purpose as that which prompted him to await the fleet animal.
What he didn't mention are the struggles we endured, fighting these selfsame Judeo-Christian values that would have denied us every freedom we now enjoy, including the ability to have control over our own body.
Both DiCaprio and Pitt met him on the set of the same film-and, like those selfsame devotees, they gushed at the sight of their show biz idol.
And it may well be were it not for the fact that, beneath its benign surface, the alternative it offers betrays the selfsame posture of moral policing as its more strident diktats.
Third protest movement to kick off on January 17 The excitable Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief is again at the selfsame spot he so hugely relishes when resident in Pakistan, the limelight, amidst much fiery rhetoric of street agitation.
Inspired by screechy American soprano Florence Foster Jenkins --the selfsame warbler soon to be embodied by Meryl Streep in a forthcoming Stephen Frears biopic --this splendid satire benefits not only from being the first to reach the screen, but also from director Giannoli's gift for striking just the right tone with such tricky material.
With technical nous and entrepreneurial drive such as this in evidence, a lackadaisical Eye, whose alma mater was in the selfsame county, sometimes wonders why it bothered.
More than that, this selfsame Secretary of State, Ian Duncan Smith had the same "job", shadowing Social Security before 2010.
And David was a rugged individualist whose stature dwarfed a skinny 5 foot-5 inch frame: He concocted his own study abroad by taking off what should have been junior year to trek Alaskan wilderness and paying for the experience by cleaning fish on a boat during the selfsame odyssey.
The sheriff added: "You have been in prison on a significant number of occasions for the selfsame offence - and as recent as April this year.
And she applies the selfsame lightness and airiness when playing the two virtuoso etude cycles, and even the exceptionally challenging Prokofiev Sonata.
He must look at us and think, 'When will they get it?"' - Desmond Tutu (pictured) "For years, well-meaning health fanatics have been attempting to slash and burn GM crops as if they were the very spawn of Satan, only for another Smart Alec to tell us that those selfsame GM foods are the gateway to perfect health"- Sir Terry Wogan.