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Synonyms for selfsame

being one and not another or others; not different in nature or identity

Synonyms for selfsame

being the exact same one

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Porter which he had once, apelike, buried in this selfsame spot.
It is a great task to transmute feeling and sensation into speech, written or spoken, that will, in turn, in him who reads or listens, transmute itself back into the selfsame feeling and sensation.
Old lines about knights at table in the great banquet halls, and of those above the salt and below the salt, and of Vikings feasting fresh from sea and ripe for battle, came to me; and I knew that the old times were not dead and that we belonged to that selfsame ancient breed.
If the poet write a true drama, then he is Caesar, and not the player of Caesar; then the selfsame strain of thought, emotion as pure, wit as subtle, motions as swift, mounting, extravagant, and a heart as great, self-sufficing, dauntless, which on the waves of its love and hope can uplift all that is reckoned solid and precious in the world,--palaces, gardens, money, navies, kingdoms,--marking its own incomparable worth by the slight it casts on these gauds of men;--these all are his, and by the power of these he rouses the nations.
I come again eternally to this identical and selfsame life, in its greatest and its smallest, to teach again the eternal return of all things,--
More than that, this selfsame Secretary of State, Ian Duncan Smith had the same "job", shadowing Social Security before 2010.
The sheriff added: "You have been in prison on a significant number of occasions for the selfsame offence - and as recent as April this year.
They point to the fact that despite the maximum sales cap, which would have allowed these selfsame banks to sell up to the 2,000 tonnes of gold quoted in the 2009 statement over the period of the agreement, they sold only a total of under 205 tonnes and some 4.
And she applies the selfsame lightness and airiness when playing the two virtuoso etude cycles, and even the exceptionally challenging Prokofiev Sonata.
Desmond Tutu (pictured) "For years, well-meaning health fanatics have been attempting to slash and burn GM crops as if they were the very spawn of Satan, only for another Smart Alec to tell us that those selfsame GM foods are the gateway to perfect health"- Sir Terry Wogan.
FRIDGES Via a built-in touchscreen, users are required to punch in what food has been taken in and out of this Samsung refrigerator -- this information is then synced to their smartphones, allowing them to always be aware of just what produce they have when shopping for groceries -- either offline or online via the selfsame touchscreen.
Had the youngsters been brought up to respect others, and had those selfsame parents set a better example, then there might be no need for any child to be stopped and searched.
In that selfsame spirit of reconciliation, compromise is clearly called for here.
Having recognised the error of confining Welsh inmates in England and thus separating them from both community and culture, how can we now impose that selfsame situation on English prisoners?
Well, I can assure these selfsame campaigners that eviction is the furthest thing from our thoughts and we will be doing all that we can to help our tenants in the face of these unjust Government measures.