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Synonyms for selflessness

the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others


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acting with less concern for yourself than for the success of the joint activity

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It's possible Bryant, often accused of selfishness, is now guilty of too much selflessness, particularly in light of his teammates' inability to make open jumpers.
According to Frontier Vice President of Merchandising Kevin Beatson, Shannon should be revered not only as a role model for his accomplishments on the basketball court, but also the dignity, selflessness and courage he has demonstrated in dealing with this accident.
IT'S time to salute the selflessness of Robbie Savage.
There are countless examples of selflessness here,'' said Shellee Crane-McFarland, the project's executive assistant.
Her dedication, selflessness, and single-mindedness have been the leading force in the Chapter's growth from 13 to 170 members.
ENVIRONMENT Minister Dick Roche yesterday praised firefighters for their commitment, selflessness and bravery.
It's the highest honor for community service, for selflessness.
In a further act of selflessness, Rakosky requested that his Doberman Award money be given to a fund set up to help 13-year-old San Antonio resident Reed Norman pay for cancer treatments.
However, before we rush to canonise Mr Profumo it's important to remember that, not needing a salaried job, he could afford his selflessness.
Teammate Jared Clark, a sophomore, said he's learned a lot about sportsmanship and selflessness from Romero, who's one of his best friends.
Liverpool fans are famous for the selflessness of their perspective, so even they, I am sure, in the midst of their euphoria, will be feeling, with the rest of us, a twinge of sadness right now for AC Milan.
Second guesses: Given a chance to review the play, and given a chance to do it again, Kobe Bryant said he would forgo the selflessness and just shoot.
Newsman Dermot Murnaghan was deeply moved by the stories of bravery, love and selflessness.
But also, as the refugee and her family's situation grows more dire, Latif discovers a capacity for inner feeling and selflessness that runs so deep it borders on the shocking.
I look forward to selflessness, integrity, dedication and unmatched excellence to bring our Big Four agenda to the fore.