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Synonyms for selflessness

the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others


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acting with less concern for yourself than for the success of the joint activity

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It promoted the message of selflessness through skits, songs and stories that targeted various age groups.
The author discusses Janaway's claim that Nietzsche saw Paul Ree's methodology as being hampered by its aspiration to a form of selflessness, and addresses the question of what might be meant by "real history" in the context of Nietzsche's Genealogy and its relation to naturalism.
It is the compelling testimony of our faith that love, compassion, and selflessness have transformative power to elevate humanity toward a community of sustainable human and environmental harmony; and yet it is the tragic experience of people the world over that the ready availability and endemic misuse of small arms rebuffs love with acts of hatred, smothers compassion with indifference to the suffering of others .
This year, he became the first priest to receive Indiana's highest award of Sachem, honoring those whose lives go beyond achievements to reflect the values of virtue, selflessness, and principle.
Though acts of self-mortification can include practices like selflessness or self-discipline in one's work, numeraries wear a cilice, a spiked chain around their upper thigh, for two hours a day and also hit themselves on the back with a knotted cord, a practice called "the discipline," which was once common in some forms of Catholic piety.
95) provides a facsimile reproduction of the 1948 first edition as it re-imagines Santa Claus as a wonderous figure and a supreme example of selflessness.
Sergeant Warner demonstrated selflessness and bravery while saving this man's life.
And we choose instead to empower compassion, selflessness, trust and God.
With puppets, animal costumes and sympathetic performances, it is entertaining while dealing with some heavy issues such as mortality and the idea of selflessness as a good idea ( generally pretty novel among the very young.
Berry is well-versed in the broad historical literature on the South which touches on these issues, and the route he takes into their significance is to look closely at how certain individual soldiers wrote about war's twinning of death and love, ambition and selflessness, men and women.
The selflessness, service and sacrifice exhibited in his daily duties are traits all of us should emulate.
His love for His creation is boundless, and so is His compassion, mercy, humility and selflessness.
To me, Nichols's reverence exudes a selflessness, graciousness, and art that amount to a kind of evanescence.
In its restraint and selflessness, Fiennes's performance has a near Bressonian quality as well.
With this decoration, the highest award our Air Force can bestow, we pay homage to his bravery, his selflessness and his enduring character.