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Synonyms for selfishly

in an egotistical manner


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I have acted for myself; and if I have forwarded our compact with all the ardour even you could have desired, I have done so selfishly, indeed.
Here was her brother, a weak, proud, tipsy, young old man, shaking from head to foot, talking as indistinctly as if some of the money he plumed himself upon had got into his mouth and couldn't be got out, unable to walk alone in any act of his life, and patronising the sister whom he selfishly loved (he always had that negative merit, ill-starred and ill-launched Tip
I know I did this selfishly, to have my name brought before her; but I tried to believe it was an act of justice to his memory.
It happened that the reigning king, the usurper - you are quite of my opinion, I believe, that it is an act of usurpation quietly to enjoy, and selfishly to assume the right over, an inheritance to which a man has only half a right?
In face of the facts that modern man lives more wretchedly than the cave-man, and that his producing power is a thousand times greater than that of the cave-man, no other conclusion is possible than that the capitalist class has mismanaged, that you have mismanaged, my masters, that you have criminally and selfishly mismanaged.
It is unacceptable and strategically absolutely fatal to treat the constitutionality of a people as 'Swedish table' and selfishly take that what suits you at a time and in an area.
Yeah I'm sort of selfishly wanting her to wait for my version.
THE charity in charge of maintaining Coventry Canal has called for people to stop selfishly dumping their rubbish in the waterways.
London selfishly bid for the Grand Depart then sent it back.
I see people who are nearly gleeful about terrible things in the world because they see them as signs that they are selfishly about to be snatched.
Alex Salmond is selfishly gambling with your future and that of all our children.
BRIAN Blessed's great-great-grandparents selfishly not naming any of their 13 kids Gordon, on WDYTYA?
People also, at times, think selfishly and they miss the big picture and suffer from what I call political myopia.
I used to complicate my life With trivial all sorts And confuse my own mind With negative thoughts I cared for no-one There was just only me Nobody else mattered As far as I could selfishly see Then alone in my cold house The tears did fall When it suddenly hit home I was going to lose it all My wife, my child, did I really want to be free?
hostage are the ones who insist on linking unrelated issues to the budget debate, and selfishly promoting their own agendas and self aggrandizement at the expense of doing the business that the people elected them to do.