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The plot seems simple: Claire is a teen struggling to finish a prestigious, all-girls' high school while at odds with her mother, a wicked and selfish person who finds no good in her daughter and who eventually banishes Claire from the house in the absence of their father.
If you think he's a selfish person who's out for the rich, you can still think he's a confident, comfortable, genial executive who fires you with a smile," he said.
The selfish person who has done this has denied genuine naturalists the opportunity to see these beautiful plants possibly for ever at this site.
I'm a kinda selfish person who right now enjoys being single, enjoys the fact that I can work as much as I do, and not really have to answer to anyone," she added.
one time in her life she was a very selfish person and this fact had created
The selfish person is the one who rates being late by minutes or hours as more important than a person losing their lives forever.
Which is all wonderful if Wilkinson is trying to become a well-rounded, less selfish person, in touch with his spirituality and more at ease with himself.
with a rounded picture of Trotsky as a brilliant orator and journalist, but also as a vain and selfish person, a leader (in his heyday in 1917-23) every bit as ready to endorse dictatorship, terror and violence as Lenin and Stalin.
Tracie Andrews was a selfish person with a short temper who in a moment of madness took a life and then compounded her crime by trying to blame fictitious others.
If I was a selfish person then I'd be thinking 'Oh, let another one in' and then we'd end up losing games.
I'm not a selfish person, but I do want what's best for me.
The beauty when you win something is that you then become a very selfish person and you want to win more.
He knows I'm not a selfish person when I should be.
Parker turned into a silly, obnoxious and selfish person, who dances and gesticulates jive moves at female passers.
I WOULD just like to thank the selfish person who stole the tulips from my garden on Wednesday night.