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the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect

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Not a way to gain self-worth but a method of expressing their skills and passions.
Because youths who are in the inpatient service have a lower self-concept, therapies within their overall treatment program aiming to improve self-worth might be worthwhile," the researcher noted
They note that it is possible that inpatients showed lower self-worth because they have more severe mental health problems than outpatients to begin with.
Limiting comparisons (to famous authors or otherwise) doesn't solve the root problem of conditional self-worth, though.
The Self-Worth scale consisted of 10 items using the same verbal frequency scale.
studies have shown that basing self-worth on appearance or others'
Obese boys scored high on obesity and self-worth as compared to obese girls, whereas, obese girls scored high on feelings of rejection sensitivity and shyness than obese boys.
Global self-worth is assessed by tapping the degree to which one is satisfied with one's life and feels positive toward oneself rather than combining additively the responses of self-appraisal in specific life domains (Harter, 1993).
Apparently the people in Eilean Star, on Stornaway, have most life satisfaction, self-worth and happiness.
They enjoy the highest life satisfaction, self-worth and happiness, says the Office for National Statistics.
The new ONS data on personal well-being also highlights that people living in Stoke-on-Trent in the West Midlands have the lowest levels of self-worth and life satisfaction.
Previous studies have found that a fan's sense of self-worth can rise or fall with the team's fortunes.
Data obtained from the ballet dancer and basketball player subsamples revealed significant, sample-specific as well as common, direct relations between global and physical self-perceptions and disturbed eating attitudes and behaviors, as well as significant indirect relations (via global self-worth and physical self-worth) between specific physical self-perceptions and disturbed eating attitudes and behaviors.
The cover art and jacket blurb give this book a fantastical shape-shifter feel, but it is actually a coming-of-age story where a bullied teen finally sees her self-worth and becomes more confident.