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the worship of yourself

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Full attention, full devotion with our hearts are what the Lord asks of us in worship, otherwise, we fall into the subtle sin of self-worship.
Lewis knew more about the roots of psychological and spiritual health than most people; his insights into these, and the potentially, and often profoundly, damaging aspects of modern culture am helpful in putting into proper perspective the concerns of modern writers, who urge a reconsideration of the 1970s-era self-worship, the preening focus on oneself and one's needs, and a culture that has confused capitalism with cannibalism, embracing the necessary comparative aspects of capitalism while seeking an infantile security at everyone else's expense.
But when the satire turns into self-worship, even Ed wears out his welcome.
To my own surmise, it appears as if this Dandaical Sect were but a new modification, adapted to the new time, of that primeval Superstition, Self-Worship, which Zerdusht, Quangfoutchee, Mohamed, and others strove rather to subordinate and restrain than to eradicate; and which only in the purer forms of Religion has been altogether rejected.
The quote in the book that best summed up my feelings was from Arthur Ficke, when he called Edna, ``the oddest mixture of genius and childish vanity, open-mindedness and blind self-worship, that I have ever known.
We tend to cross the line by creating golden calves of self-worship or exalting mortals as "princes" and "caesars.
We find that Hitler's veneer of humanity is nothing but bottomless self-worship.
This, to Beaudoin, also reflected upon the American trend of self-worship and individualism (Beaudoin, 1999, p.
Self-worship requires that we turn a blind eye on "the murder and repression done in our name.
And Gibson gives a real grandstanding, school-hero-type performance, cloaked in self-worship.
The renovators' intent, they say, is to destroy Catholicism and establish a new religion of self-worship, and a major step in the campaign is the stripping of God's houses of their beauty and the elimination of any sense of transcendence.
97) she is on firm ground, as she is when she finds that architectural images in Death Comes for the Archbishop imply Cather "had increasingly come to view the kingdom of art not simply as a place of self-worship but as a fortress" (p.
Modern architecture grows from the worship of rootless, isolated, abstracted self, and the various modern presumptions that accompany such self-worship.
With power The same climate of righteous self-worship exists in all the organs of power.