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self-imposed distress

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Hopefully, having inflicted this much self-torture on themselves, they'll be able to do it now,'' said Judd Gregg, a former Republican senator from New Hampshire.
Friede, whose arm balloons up due to a potentially fatal allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, hopes that self-torture would help him to show millions of people that immunity is possible.
She's really confused and going through the self-torture of "Am I killing people because this is what I was raised to believe is a good thing?
Unrelenting self-torture over poundage is ruining countless people's lives" Writer Lionel Shriver "It doesn't matter how much polite self-deprecating fluff you have on the outside, if you don't have a steely something in the middle" Actress Rebecca Hall "I came into politics to fight lefties.
Complete two months and there's no way you wouldn't end up ripped (unless you died of over-exertion) but you have to love this style of self-torture.
Flanagan used self-torture in his serio-comic acts on film and video.
Now that the 2005 US Open champion has shown a glimmer of his former greatness after years of self-torture, he's worth a small interest in a Dutch field which lacks real stars outside Ryder Cuppers Martin Kaymer and Nicolas Colsaerts.
It can be like a self-torture, you're right, and sometimes I do think that I only write these songs so I can deliberately go back to that time.
I then moved on to the Israeli press for further self-torture, but found instead some pleasing news: the Israelis seem to have become so much like us that I now believe they will soon compete with us in defeat, failure, and missed opportunities.
Sporting dark glasses whenever possible, he undercuts the king-of-cool image with suggestions rather than overt expressions of unease that latterly move toward self-torture.
There is only so long you can milk a franchise that centres around sadistic self-torture and, as with all good things, this has finally come to an end.
The plates perfectly complement the text and include an 1891 photograph of a young Blood man undergoing the self-torture at a Blood Sun Dance; paintings by Karl Bodmer and George Catlin; an Indian-made model of a Blackfoot war lodge; photographs of a pony-beaded choker and hair bow; plus many others, all, as Ewers says in his introduction ".
The intensity of his writing; his disturbing ability to pinpoint the doubts and limitations in all of us; his deep understanding of what it is to be human; all is fuelled by self-torture.
More interestingly, Angelo's self-torture connected his body with those of Vienna's underworld denizens.