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self-imposed distress

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"Protect the Coven" was too macabre with killing scenes, cold-blooded torture and self-torture. Episode 12 of "American Horror Story-Coven" might push the boundaries of 'macabre' even further.
"Hopefully, having inflicted this much self-torture on themselves, they'll be able to do it now,'' said Judd Gregg, a former Republican senator from New Hampshire.
Friede, whose arm balloons up due to a potentially fatal allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, hopes that self-torture would help him to show millions of people that immunity is possible.
She's really confused and going through the self-torture of "Am I killing people because this is what I was raised to believe is a good thing?
Unrelenting self-torture over poundage is ruining countless people's lives" Writer Lionel Shriver "It doesn't matter how much polite self-deprecating fluff you have on the outside, if you don't have a steely something in the middle" Actress Rebecca Hall "I came into politics to fight lefties.
Flanagan used self-torture in his serio-comic acts on film and video.
Now that the 2005 US Open champion has shown a glimmer of his former greatness after years of self-torture, he's worth a small interest in a Dutch field which lacks real stars outside Ryder Cuppers Martin Kaymer and Nicolas Colsaerts.
It can be like a self-torture, you're right, and sometimes I do think that I only write these songs so I can deliberately go back to that time.
I then moved on to the Israeli press for further self-torture, but found instead some pleasing news: the Israelis seem to have become so much like us that I now believe they will soon compete with us in defeat, failure, and missed opportunities.
Sporting dark glasses whenever possible, he undercuts the king-of-cool image with suggestions rather than overt expressions of unease that latterly move toward self-torture.
And the result of all this self-torture? Rock as it's meant to be with an ongoing battle between voice, bass and guitar for ultimate supremacy.
There is only so long you can milk a franchise that centres around sadistic self-torture and, as with all good things, this has finally come to an end.
The plates perfectly complement the text and include an 1891 photograph of a young Blood man undergoing the self-torture at a Blood Sun Dance; paintings by Karl Bodmer and George Catlin; an Indian-made model of a Blackfoot war lodge; photographs of a pony-beaded choker and hair bow; plus many others, all, as Ewers says in his introduction ".employed as visual evidence--not as decoration of the text.
The intensity of his writing; his disturbing ability to pinpoint the doubts and limitations in all of us; his deep understanding of what it is to be human; all is fuelled by self-torture. He races, I believe, against himself, scarcely giving a thought to the other contestants.