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self-imposed distress

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Recording under his own name for the first time, the album's title track looks back on the whole terrible period of paranoia and self-torment with disarming openness: "Who on earth did you think you were?" he sings, without bitterness.
Meanwhile, the melancholic would neutralize the phlegmatic and the sanguine would neutralize the choleric, since the good-natured cheerfulness of the passive sanguine could not be conceived as being fused with the forbidding anger of the active choleric, any more than the pain and self-torment of the passive melancholic could be conceived as being fused with the contentment and mental self-sufficiency of the active phlegmatic.
In all but the very last drafts, I had written "self-torment." I believe "self-judgement" is truer and paradoxically scarier because not everybody is subject to self-torment but no human is immune from self-judgement.
Because a clean sheet at least means the boss can go home and not risk a bout of simmering self-torment -- or find himself gnawing his knuckles to the bone in pained regret.
These patterns may indeed bespeak the intricacy of a grand scheme, but they also suggest that Hemingway had committed himself, for whatever private self-torment, to an infinite deferral of narrative closure, as if he wished on some level to avoid killing off what remained of himself by completing another book.
But one critic despaired: "Robbie's Fitz was a majestic, rumpled hunk of self-torment.
Rachel Brand QC, defending, said Casson, now of Torquay, Devon, has suffered "52 years of self-torment and 52 years of self-loathing".
I do have plenty of self-torments with my depression, self-perpetuating vicious circles where I make myself feel guilty over the illness and its symptoms.