self-taught art

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a genre of art and outdoor constructions made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists

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The implication is that less rigor is justifiable in the case of self-taught art because it is, in some sense, impervious to history.
- Fostering accessibility and understanding of modern, contemporary and self-taught art.
Schooled and self-taught art, fine and everyday folk art, realistic and abstract, even religious and secular have all become too often misleading distinctions, an unfortunate surrender to Western culture's scientific bent toward defining and categorizing experiences and objects that in fact defy explanation.
His two edited collections, Self-Taught Art: The Culture and Aesthetics of American Art (2001) and Sacred and Profane: Voice and Vision in Southern Self-Taught Art (2007) with Carol Crown are oft-cited texts.
Particularly interested in the genre of art environments, she is the Director of SPACES, the non-profit archives of self-taught art. She is currently working on a book on 'outsider art' environments in Spain.