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needing no outside support

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This has made the team particularly keen to covert the floating islands into self-sustained restaurants that can appear at any site along the coast.
SmartCity Kochi board members met today to discuss and set the timeline for the development and realisation of the self-sustained industry township for knowledge-based companies," said the statement.
Charles Dallara, managing director of the Washington-based Institute of International Finance, said he doubts whether Japan can achieve a self-sustained revival by the end of the current fiscal year without stronger structural reforms.
Japan's economy has been gradually improving, led by the private sector, but revived personal consumption, which has remained sluggish, is necessary for a self-sustained recovery.
A self-sustained recovery, led by the corporate sector, is starting to take place,'' Hayami said.
At present, I do not think the Japanese economy has entered a self-sustained recovery,'' Sakaiya said.
Additionally, a new breed of sophisticated multimedia Audio/Video applications to fully deploy its high-performance PC-class capabilities based on Open Source software platform, present developers and users a breakthrough concept of software as self-sustained single executables, expandable upon a execute command into the systems high-performance central main PuRAM Storage device.
However, clear signs of a self-sustained recovery in private demand have not been observed yet," the central bank said in its monthly report on economic and financial developments.
Under such circumstances, it is still difficult to expect an immediate self-sustained recovery in private demand," the BOJ said of a downtrend in capital spending, weak personal outlays and the possible adverse effect of the appreciation of the yen on corporate profits.
Sas Big Cypress Swamp's most visible resident, Jim Billie has led his tribe to become a major self-sustained corporate tribal organization.
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) on Tuesday left its assessment of the state of the economy unchanged for February, saying it is improving but there are few clear signs of self-sustained recovery led by private demand.
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) on Monday left almost unchanged its assessment of the state of the economy for September from the previous month, citing a lack of clear signs of a self-sustained recovery in private demand.