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needing no outside support

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This fact sheet presents information about the self-sustained sensing system, field tests, key findings, future work, and the significance of this research to FHWA.
In effect, the MFC component can be regarded as a self-sustained "bio-battery" that provides extra voltage and energy to the PEC for hydrogen gas generation.
"SmartCity Kochi board members met today to discuss and set the timeline for the development and realisation of the self-sustained industry township for knowledge-based companies," said the statement.
The cutting by self-sustained vibration process using a self-vibrating head is that to favor and encourage the appearance of the self-sustained vibration on the axial direction.
DROGHEDA UNITED - If the Louth club can secure their new 10,000 seater stadium, then they will be a self-sustained entity.
Because the FlexNet system is a self-sustained, tower-based AMI network, there is no need for additional fixed network equipment piggy-backed onto the utility distribution system.
These two hazards may lead to the establishment of a self-sustained Suminoe oyster population and the probability of this occurring is defined as a risk.
Japan may not be able to achieve a self-sustained economic recovery without stronger reform efforts by the government, a former senior U.S.
On Thursday, Hayami voiced confidence that the nation's economy is moving toward a self-sustained recovery, with the corporate sector playing a leading role.
The prolonged and self-sustained domestic demand-driven growth of the U.S.
This modernization has shattered the self-sufficient economy of local communities and centralized the relatively self-sustained polity of the provinces.
''We cannot say the economy has begun a self-sustained recovery given the severe employment situation, the weak state of personal consumption and the high levels of liabilities and bankruptcies faced by companies,'' he cautioned.
However, clear signs of a self-sustained recovery in private demand have not been observed yet," the central bank said in its monthly report on economic and financial developments.