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Synonyms for self-supporting


Synonyms for self-supporting

able to support oneself financially

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financially independent

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The plane's self-supporting skin consists of a honeycombed paper core sandwiched between layers of carbon-fiber tape impregnated with an epoxy resin.
John's Burlington, Ont., (1983-87), where he developed a mission congregation into a self-supporting parish.
The Olympia ranges are supplied with tubular legs for wall or floor mounting, or with self-supporting feet, to be moveable.
The New Jersey Economic Development Authority, an independent self-supporting state agency, has issued a $17.86 million tax exempt bond to help finance the project.
The result is a compact, self-supporting structure that can be stacked easily.
Tenders are invited for double contract broken by execution of the project to decline the market of the place to sell and adaptation of the space for the installation of temporary constructions, as well as the provision and installation of two self-supporting commercial facilities of non permanentlot character 2.
Our church will have to undertake a nation-wide fundraising campaign that will invite every Anglican to share in this responsibility." (Although the diocese of Kootenay is self-supporting, it is ranked as among the three poorest in Canada.)
Apart from the novelty, the arrangement simplified construction; a shelving wall composed of self-supporting units, exactly sized and built off site, could be handled by a single person.
Tenders are invited for Supply of low-voltage self-supporting cable bundles and power cables for the needs
Area of Diocese, 65,000 square miles; Population, 300,000; Anglican Population, 9,000; on Parish Rolls, 4, 711; Clergy: Full-Time 11, Part-Time 9; On Leave, 4; Retired, 7; Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament, 42; Pastoral Elders, 5; Self-Supporting Parishes, 7; Aided Parishes and Mission, 10; Total Congregations, 45.
Request for quotations : purchase of works on replacement of self-supporting tape elevators
Shaft clothing rwa - 4 pieces abhangdecke - gkb perforated ballwurfsicher (foyer - 125 square meters, Ec changing rooms - 190 square meters, Ec corridors, Teachers, Director - 60 square meters) allowance acoustic pads - 2075 sqm suspended ceiling acoustics - ug suspended ceiling - gkb perforated ballproof - changing rooms, Hall - 435 sqm allowance vertical termination - 3 m abhangdecke - gkbi bws- wc and vorbereiche - 95 sqm abhangdecke - gkbi - wc and vorbereiche - 50 sqm suspended ceiling - gkbi cantilevered bws - wc and pre-areas ec - 150 sqm abhangdecke - gkbi self-supporting - wc and vorbereiche - 75 sqm suspended ceiling - gkb self-supporting - toilet, Teacher - 30 sqm openings and flaps unperforated areas 0,1 qm - 230 st.
This bid is for the purchase of ten-thousand (10,000) feet of Multi-Conductor-Spec 29-4 Aerial Self-Supporting C wire cable to be utilized by the Narragansett Fire Department, Fire Alarm Communications Division.
Tenders are invited for Self-supporting cable bundles
Electronic auction: installation of lighting poles, suspension of self-supporting insulated wire, outdoor led lights on the street.