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Synonyms for self-supporting


Synonyms for self-supporting

able to support oneself financially

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financially independent

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Execution of works on removal of municipal waste from the installation of urns and containers, except for these services to legal entities on a self-supporting basis and the population under agreements concluded with them in grodno
Self-supporting personality and psychosomatic symptoms: The testing of trait-stress-symptom congruence and mediating model.
The difference between Chinese self-supporting personality and Western independence personality [In Chinese].
Some municipalities are being forced to close their pools, while others take bold measures aimed at making their aquatics facility self-supporting.
A high-tech crime investigation partnership, in and of itself, provides a generally self-supporting mechanism.
Available pre-engineered for installation into existing steel structures or designed as a low-weight, self-supporting structure
The program wasn't expected to become self-supporting until 2004-05.
It is virtually self-supporting with its own hospital, workshops, and a small farm.
Going thicker makes the sheet suitable for self-supporting applicationg.
Pyropel is self-supporting, dimensionally stable and is said to eliminate the need for special support structures or design considerations.
The foundries, which are expected to be in operation by late 2002, will produce aluminum cylinder heads by the semi-permanent mold process and blocks using VAW's "Core Package System," a self-supporting silica sand core assembly with cast in-liners.
In particular, Capotex promotes its self-supporting covers.
The Kennedy administration wanted to emphasize services that would enhance both parents' efforts to become self-supporting.
Since the majority of the collection was not expected to be open to the public, it was placed in a once closed and now open access metal self-supporting stack whose small entrance is located to the back of the facility.