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Synonyms for self-supporting


Synonyms for self-supporting

able to support oneself financially

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financially independent

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It is an economical solution for single pass installations that require non-metallic, self-support cable.
It also defines a dependent as "a parent or both parents, living with the taxpayer, not gainfully employed and dependent upon the latter for chief support, or where such parents are incapable of self-support because of mental or physical disability or old age."
Interpersonal self-support represents the idealized interpersonal dispositions with respect to effective interpersonal problems solving, harmonious social relationships, and good character in China's collectivistic and interdependent culture (Xia, 2010).
Personal self-support is considered to be a set of five traits that can help individuals solve personal problems in daily life and facilitate their personal development (Xia & Huang, 2008, p.
Enterprise driven self-support systems for BYOD users are a growing trend in the enterprise landscape in the region, but while there have been some successes, it has been within a very tightly controlled framework, according to Gartner.
Cognitive, educational and self-support outcomes were compared for the adoptees with those who grew up in foster care.
The platform is based on NextNine's patented Virtual Support Engineer and provides solutions that automate self-support, assisted support and proactive support, in addition to managed and partner service offerings.
The initial chapters chronicle the defeat of the 1943 and 1945 social welfare bills and passage of the 1956 Social Security Amendments, and with it, the emergence of a "rehabilitation paradigm", that encouraged "self-care" and "self-support".
His only source of self-support came from odd jobs he performed for a woman named Melida Murillo, owner of a Colombian restaurant called Mama Leonor.
It then refers to the principles of the "Three Autonomies" (self-administration, self-support, and self-propagation) to prevent "subservience" to the power of foreign countries.
The subjects with learning disabilities were paired with peers without learning disabilities to determine their post school outcomes in the areas of employment, self-support, community involvement, and life satisfaction.
In comparison with other turn-of-the-century class-bridging organizations - settlement houses, the federation of women's clubs, and the YWCA - working girls' clubs gave greater autonomy to working-class women by organizing members on "the basis of cooperation, self-government, and self-support." This greater equality challenged both the working women and their genteel sponsors to negotiate mutually acceptable positions.
Given the realities of income and literacy levels, literary self-support in any event was unthinkable without white patronage, as would continue to be the case through the years of the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.
Property that is essential to self-support may be fully or partially excluded as an asset.
The case for the rationality of a doxastic practice can, as he sees it, be bolstered by significant self-support of the sort reliance on sense perception and reasoning therefrom derives from success in predicting and controlling the observable course of events.