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Synonyms for self-sufficing

able to provide for your own needs without help from others

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Next door to Sally's Aunt Jane, in a cosy little cottage with a wonderful little garden, lived Thomas Kitchener, a large, grave, self-sufficing young man, who, by sheer application to work, had become already, though only twenty-five, second gardener at the Hall.
Chapters six and seven advance an Aristotelian anthropology and teleology--in the former chapter, Sanford argues that recognizing our nature as dependent rational animals is crucial for determining what it is for human beings to flourish and what the virtues are, while in the latter, he revives the Aristotelian notion that the final cause of our nature (namely, our happiness as self-sufficing good) is ontologically prior to and necessary for understanding what flourishing is (that is, the content of happiness as end and the relation of virtue to that end).
That road is paved with good intentions strongly and obstinately pursued, until they become self-sufficing ends in themselves and deified.