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Synonyms for self-styled

Synonyms for self-styled

as claimed by and for yourself often without justification


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Patna: A young man has died in Bihar after being advised by a self-styled healer to let a snake bite him in the same place it had bitten earlier.
At a time, when India is brewing with news about Fake Babajis and self-styled Godmen, who have millions of followers, who believe that these fake Babajis are the answer to every problem in life, presenting the Babaji as the representative of the Indian belief in Luck and Superstition.
Six months earlier the self-styled 'petrolhead' told in an emotional You-Tube video how a seatbelt saved his life when his Audi Q7 was involved in a crash in Hall Green.
The post Indian court sentences self-styled 'godman' to 10 years in prison appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Indore: Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was today flown to Jodhpur by police, hours after his arrest from his ashram here for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.
BRITONS have become a nation of self-styled nutrition experts, but most of us are living on a diet of half-truths and old wives tales in pursuit of a healthy eating regime, a survey claims today.
Summary: Libya has extended the deadline for voters to register for national elections by a week to spur more participation amid calls for a boycott by a self-styled autonomous council in the east and threats of similar action by Tripoli civic activists.
Summary: The former Defence Secretary has apologised to MPs over his association with former flat mate and self-styled advisor Adam Werritty.
22 -- Self-styled Godman Premananda, convicted for rape and murder, died at a private hospital here on Monday.
Sikand writes in his preface, "New Delhi-based Maulanda Wahiddudin Khan is one of the few ulama or traditionally trained Islamic scholars throughout the world to have made a deep and incisive study of the politics and ideology of extreme self-styled 'Islamic' groups and to have critiqued them from within an Islamic framework" (p.
Tel: 029 2087 8889 Captain Accident Buffalo Bar, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 4 Reggae-flavoured offerings from the self-styled clumsiest man in the Welsh music business.
SIAVASH survived Friday night's eviction vote which saw self-styled irrepressible dark horse Marcus exit, but his chief outright rival Sophie has shorted to win the series, writes Phil Agius.
Citing scientific evidence to the contrary, Pearsall dismisses these and other platitudes as "McMorals"--mass-produced advice unsubstantiated by research from self-styled gurus who attempt to package fast fixes to serious problems that affect people in uniquely complex ways.
He had personally visited at the height of Reggie-mania last fall, when various self-styled alligator wranglers vied to be the one who caught the monster before someone got hurt or, eek, eaten up.
senator father (Michael Lerner) is one of those self-styled compassionate conservatives who vetoes AIDS funding, opposes same-sex marriage, and speechifies about "taking back" the country.