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Synonyms for self-sacrificing

willing to deprive yourself

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Now this sounds all very understandable, noble and self-sacrificingly well intentioned -until you start thinking about how her family will be torn up because they don't get to say their goodbyes.
When distilled, Ella Mae's "offense" is her unwillingness to assimilate a self-sacrificingly sexual and/or maternal subjectivity.
The parent doesn't want to be a burden, and the children self-sacrificingly recommend a cash-release scheme.
On the one hand, she was an "inauthentic" celebrity, one who would never quite surpass her initial "ersatz" function, and on the other hand she was doubled in and of herself, insofar that she had to appear dangerously seductive and self-sacrificingly pure at the same time.
All freedom-loving Americans willingly and self-sacrificingly abandoned their civil pursuits until the glorious fight was won.