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government of a political unit by its own people

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The dispute has exposed the conflicting positions of regional allies; the Saudi Arabia and the UAE which backs the STC seeking self-rule, despite scaling down its presence in Yemen.
'We [the Bengalis] had never been independent ...ultimately the Bengalis achieved the right of self-rule through establishing a Bengali-majority sovereign state led by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, "said the minister while inaugurating the birth centenary of Bangabandhu at Bangabandhu Research Center at Northern University at Banani in the city.
How should we empower self-rule and Independence to ensure maximum benefits rather than just have them as useless ornaments?
Murad urged President Rodrigo Duterte's government to speed up the passage of a Muslim self-rule law to flesh out the peace accord, warning pro-IS militants were recruiting for a new attack.
NNA - Former President Amin Gemayel said Sunday, after a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister St'phane Dion in Ottawa, that blocking the constitutional institutions was a result of the takeover of the Lebanese national decision and the rise of self-rule over the rule of the state.
However, Greenland transitioned to self-rule in 2009 and has therefore gained control of its valuable underground resources.
Washington, March 17 (Petra) -- The United States will not recognize a 'self-rule', semi-autonomous Kurdish zone in Syria and remains committed to the country's unity, US State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said Wednesday.
We have been deceived thousands of times by some political jugglers through hollow slogans like internal autonomy and self-rule, they added.
The referendum is our final opportunity to reassert control over our own affairs and win back our historic role as the flagship of self-rule and democracy.
The HDP will hold rallies under the banner "Self-rule and Democratic Turkey," the HE-rriyet daily's news portal quoted HDP spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen as saying on Monday.
Armed Kurdish militants fought back, digging trenches and erecting barricades to repel Turkish forces in an open attempt to establish self-rule across several provinces.
November 3, 2015(KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese vice-president, Hasabo Abdel Rahman, Tuesday rejected the regionalization of the country and described it as impossible adding it may lead Darfur to demand self-rule.
Summary: A Kurdish official was quoted Wednesday as saying that the self-rule authority in the far east of Syria is issuing family registration booklets that do not recognize multiple marriages.
The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged a three-decade insurgency for Kurdish self-rule in the southeast, had given the government until Wednesday to show it is serious about peace.
Summary: In Iraq a federal government and regional government form shared rule and self-rule. The new government will have to come to terms with its armed forces and the use of militias.