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Synonyms for self-respecting

properly valuing oneself, one's honor, or one's dignity

Synonyms for self-respecting

having or showing self-esteem

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"We have done what any self-respecting country would do.
My view is that all self-respecting players, black and white, from every league should strike this weekend unless Muntari's ban is withdrawn.
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) reads Berger's novel and loves it, but can't resist teasing him about the fact that its heroine wears a hair scrunchy -apparently in real life, no self-respecting New Yorker would commit such a fashion faux pas.
What self-respecting reader (especially one of middle school age) wouldn't want to know why the baby birds in the "devious.
Ads suggested that power appliances were tools that any self-respecting man could use comfortably.
Evolution has failed to turn dogs into couch potatoes, computer game addicts, or other variations on sedentary themes--no self-respecting dog would shrug off a run.
I did what any self-respecting head coach would do: I asked my assistant coach, Jeff Sawvel.
Like any hardy and self-respecting Canuck artist who's been awestruck by the power of winter (and the list includes such luminaries as Lawren Harris, Jean-Paul Lemieux and Jean Pierre Lefebvre), Sokolowski has made art out of his elemental encounter.
The pink Milliskin tights and skimpy jacket were enough to send any self-respecting male into a frenzy.
The coinage dubwise joined eponymous and subversive in every self-respecting rock critic's lexicon, the English label Blood & Fire began a loving series of early-dub reissues, and leading lights of the "post-rock" movement - Tortoise, Ui, Rome - fell all over themselves pledging their debt to the genre.
The alternatives are Los Angeles or Jakarta, and no self-respecting urban administration can be prepared to accept either of those grim fates unless forced to by lack of cash or a malign central government.
Hockenberry runs screaming from the overcoming tragic-hero stereotype as surely as any self-respecting person with a disability.
Spring, when fresh mint is in bloom, is the only time any self-respecting bartender in Kentucky will mix up a MINT JULEP.
Whole wheat or white, rye or pumpernickel, oatmeal or seven-grain; they all give you a nice shot of complex carbohydrates, which any self-respecting health authority will tell you to eat more of.
No self-respecting account representative would sacrifice credibility for a one-shot hit on the evening news, and no responsible client would ask it.