self-report inventory

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a personality inventory in which a person is asked which of a list of traits and characteristics describe her or him or to indicate which behaviors and hypothetical choices he or she would make

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The BDI is a 21-item self-report inventory used to assess the severity of individuals' depressive symptoms.
The CAS is a self-report inventory that measures typical presenting complaints and screening needs of college and university counseling clients on nine scales: Interpersonal Problems, Academic Problems, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Esteem Problems, Family Problems, Career Problems, and Substance Abuse.
Development of a self-report inventory for assessing individual differences in learning processes.
1977) is a self-report inventory of behavioral manifestations of information-processing activities students engage in, which are associated with verbal and prose learning.
In addition, students were given the Bern Self-Report Inventory (1974/81), a measure of androgyny, to measure psychological gender.
The SII (Christenson & Wilson, 1985) is a 39-item, true-false, self-report inventory that assesses manifestations of disturbances in the separation-individuation process.
The organizational stress area has tended to rely heavily on self-report measures of chronic stressors at work, and this measurement technology has not moved much beyond the self-report inventory.
While the Pittsburgh team used strict criteria for severe depression, Field's group relies on a standard self-report inventory that may identify only a milder form of depression.
The AEL Continuous School Improvement Questionnaire (CSIQ) is a self-report inventory that asks professional staff to rate their school on six major dimensions: learning culture; connections among school, family, and community; shared leadership; shared goals for learning; purposeful student assessment; and effective teaching.
The Hopelessness Scale for Children (HSC; Kazdin, Rodgers, & Colbus, 1986) is a 17-item self-report inventory designed to assess negative affect and cognitions with respect to the future.