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Synonyms for self-regard

a sense of one's own dignity or worth

Synonyms for self-regard

the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect

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" CULTURAL FORMS The gems of advice in The Source of Self-Regard include one of the most difficult debates in the world today: what exactly to do to keep the arts alive, articulated in the essay 'Arts Advocacy.' Here Toni Morrison is worried that the problem of how to treat artists and support their work remains unresolved partly because "artists have a very bad habit of being resilient and it is that resilience that deceives us into believing that the best of it sort of gets done anyhow and the 'great' of that 'best' sort of lasts anyhow.
"If recessions cut down on excessive self-regard, do they have an opposite, and much less desirable, effect at the other end of the scale, i.e., more cases of very low self-esteem?"
His pledge in 2008 of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" speaks to the largeness of both his ideology and his self-regard. That's the far more plausible explanation of his drive to win, characterized by a ruthless single-mindedness that undid the Clintons in 2008 (and at times unhinged Bill) and that has so relentlessly demonized Romney in 2012.
Ultimately, he decided that maintaining a positive self-regard depended on how he treated others.
This willed bluntness of perception is a kind of emotional armor that could cause any of us to end up like the Wildean character Lady Partridge, Gerald Fedden's bigoted mother, a faded belle lurching through her seniority on a palanquin of self-regard.
Disappointing early reviews, paradoxically, strengthened the author's self-regard. "I think all the reviews I've seen, except two, have been absolutely stupid and lousy," Fitzgerald wrote in May 1925.
In a discussion on stigma effects and self-esteem, Crocker and Quinn (2000) argued that feelings of self-worth, self-regard, and self-respect are not stable characteristics.
For Discussion: Is the notion that bolstering the self-regard of patients can lead to positive behavior a useful one?
indicative of her vanity" [p.3] so that the feminist historians' claim to contribute a distinctive perspective seems to stand for "self-regard" rather than the idealized "invisibility" of the omniscient narrator.
But most off-putting aspects are Ellroy's cumbersome self-regard and his tendency to speak extemporaneously in a mix of hyperbole and retro hipsterspeak better suited to the printed page.
It permits the disorder that comes when control is abandoned, for appropriate self-regard cannot be achieved apart from regard for others that is incompatible with controlling behavior.
He wrote: "In an age of excessive self-regard and encouragement on every side to the new religion of the 'me', it is very important for the Church to continue saying that having children and their nurture is a basic good of marriage and not an optional extra."
Empathy, let us not overlook, includes tenderness: the tenderness of the mother for the infant at her breast and that tenderness extended to include the self-regard and the hopes and dreams of young and old--feelings that come as near to the sacred as anything one of humanist persuasion can conceive.
In her hospitality and joie de vivre, Mev exemplified William Blake's proverb "Exuberance is beauty." But she also had a great capacity for righteous indignation and refused to pursue the path of upward climbing, self-regard, and the "good life" of thoughtless consumption.
I was sore in exactly the place where my creative self-regard, still so new, had just begun to seed"