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Ramadan, the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, is the time to focus on self-reformation and prayer.
I am therefore stating categorically as someone who has been on this team nonstop for the last four years that I have undergone a self-reformation," he asserted.
In doing so, he invites both committed and disengaged Catholics to take heart and reaffirm our faith, as together we chart a new course toward self-reformation.
Andrew Wachtel reads Anna Karenina together with A Confession and constructs some subtle arguments about Tolstoi's attempts to reconcile the competing generic demands of fiction, history and autobiography, to balance specificity with universality in his lifelong quest for truth and self-reformation.
Out of that attention there is the chance that the ecological crisis might be appreciated as "a providential gift for the universal self-reformation of a previously fatalistic industrial modernity" (pp.
In The Elder Brother for example - one of the chief virtues of Clark's book is its unusually detailed discussion of a number of the collaborations with Fletcher - self-reformation or conversion resolves the oppositions between contemplation and action, primogeniture and the support of younger sons, courtly vanities and country virtues.
In Ramadan Muslims seek forgiveness, pray for guidance and help by abstaining from evil deeds by detaching themselves from worldly pleasures and concentrate on self-reformation.
Neither legislative enactments can wipe out selfishness, lust, anger and greed, nor even religious preaching can succeed in destroying selfishness, but we have to look inward, start our self-reformation to bring change in the society.