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referring back to itself


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These characteristics should capture people's awareness of self-referent information, which leads to increased sensitivity to positive or negative stimuli and to preparation of self-regulation to address career-related challenges.
In the current study, self-referent thoughts refer to both retrospective and prospective thoughts that connect the self and a narrative.
Self-referent processing in perceptions of verbal and visual commercial information.
According to Pritchard (1969), self-referent perceptions of inputs, outcomes, and inequity depend on the closeness of the relationship with the referent.
Therefore, by comparing the results of Experiment 1 and Experiment 2, we provide a preliminary test of the hypothesis that GRE recall is greater when the self-referent questions are absent than when self-referent questions are present (Hypothesis 3).
Ryan and Deci (2011) provide an example of these motivational paths to athletic self-referent and social-referent athletic identity as follows, "For instance, when two adolescent girls take on the identity of gymnast, one might be doing it to please her athletically oriented parents, in which case she would compliantly go through the motions of practice and performance with minimal enthusiasm or inspiration, and perhaps with feelings of pressure or conflict.
Regarding the mutation target, the category with the highest frequency for the two groups was the self-referent, with 146 of the responses for both groups (74.5% of responses).
When using task referents (i.e., absolute standards) or self-referents (i.e., past performance), competence evaluations are linked to mastery achievement goals.
Presently my self-referent delusions are minimal, although the number of my secret admirers grows daily.
They specifically focussed on how the politicians' speech was constructed: the number of syllables spoken, the use of interjections, interruptions, self-referent 'I', non-standard English such as 'gonna', y ' know, and laughter.
As the article points out, the environment is being rapidly transformed into a facility exclusively for human living, which shows just how self-referent we are.
Toynbee, the Kelabit also use the term lun dayeh as a self-referent. For instance, "[t]he Kelabit have lived in the interior highlands of Sarawak's Fourth Division for a very long time.
Children completed a self-referent rating task (SRRT), as well as the Youth Self-Report (YSR).
It is further shown that the antifoundationalist stance that defines his characteristic manner of extricating himself from such self-referent problems is based on faulty reasoning and lands him in a deeper incoherence.