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punishment inflicted on yourself

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Furthermore, the study found that self-leadership enhanced creativity and productivity, concluding that organizations should hire employees with high self-leadership ability because it allows for the natural regulation of self-goal-setting, self-observation, self-reward, self-punishment, and self-practice.
Clinicians have conceptualized it as a maladaptive way to relieve intense emotional distress, signal distress to others, or inflict self-punishment. It usually starts as an impulsive behavior, and the combination of the intense emotions and high impulsivity of adolescence is why it is so common among this age group.
Photographs of brutal self-flagellation, as well as men making incisions in children's heads and dripping with blood as they hit themselves with swords and chains are often accompanied with captions apparently shocked by Shia capacity for self-punishment.
Until the return of the Beloved Subject, The Lover is caught in a never-ending cycle of passing time, with the element of repetition setting the connotations and references for an ascetic behaviour of self-punishment.
Hirschfeld unearths a tendency in the period to refer to the self-punishment of contrition as revenge, while arguing that, conversely, revenge sometimes served as a form of self-punishment.
He indicated that these include social learning of NSSI, self-punishment, social signaling, pragmatic (or ease of the behavior), pain analgesia, and implicit identification.
They administer self-punishment by whipping themselves with the blades in front of gathered crowds in order that they can bleed to wash away their sins.
The next of kin still go to the "cage" as if for self-punishment, or pious worship.
The protagonist in revenge tragedy, she argues, reflects Protestantism's "sanctioning of penitential self-punishment alongside its refusal of penitential satisfaction" in two important ways (66): first, his "retribution against others incites him to turn his vengeful energies on himself" (71); and second, the violence he directs against others and himself is never enough, so that his desire for satisfactory retribution is always a desire for more of it.
Self-harm can also be used as a form |of self-punishment for something that a young person feels bad about.
In a somewhat inexplicable act of sacrifice (or possibly self-punishment), Charlie encourages his half brother, Nick, a golden child, to pursue May when the three of them eventually find themselves on the faculty at the same time.
2 Perfectionism as a personality trait is different from just 'striving to do your best'; it's a strong desire for yourself or others to be perfect, and can involve unrealistic expectations, feelings of shame or self-punishment following 'mistakes', procrastination through fear of failure, an inability to enjoy achievements, hyper-criticism of self and others, anxiety, stress and depression.
Civilization depends on its violent instincts for survival, but does not yet know how to manage guilt, shame, self-punishment, aggression, rage, love, and hate constructively.
needed self-punishment, and maybe another thing to blackmail success