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For egoists, personal preening begins with "modesty aside," followed by a torrent of self-praise.
The piece must surely rank foremost among the self-praise masterpieces that litter our political and bureaucratic wilderness.
"The Jan Dhan self-praise is an elaborate exercise in deception.
The MUST spokesperson suggested that being a responsible citizen it is our moral obligation to refrain from following the path of self-interests and self-praise and instead should focus to respect those who deserve of it.
Self-praise aside, Aquino's cry is a constricted view of the President's own personal agency, to do with the draft constitution as he pleases.
The meeting was also attended by former prime minister Manmohan Singh, who rejected the culture of constant self-praise and 'jumlas' of Modi.
Some parts of this self-praise' are evidently untrue.
Despite their president's brisk self-praise, a majority of Americans judged the young North Korean leader a winner According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, about 55 percent of respondents, even including pro-Trump Republicans, were less than willing to describe the meeting as a success for the US, saying it was too early to tell.
Marsden is a bit careful with self-praise, because it is often unwarranted.
Summary: I wonder what grandfather would have felt if he were around today to witness our self-praise and self-promotion or listen to us air our judgements and opinions in a barrage of tweets
THE saying "self-praise is no recommendation" came to mind when reading Sir Emyr Jones Parry's article (WM, July 29) as president of The Learned Society of Wales.
* "Self-grandiosement": Some institutions lay self-praise on too thick--and with effusive marketing-speak.
Maronite children learn a history based on what their politicians have relayed -- which is marred with self-praise, propaganda and a massacre of the facts.