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fertilization by transfer of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of the same flower

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The National New Play Network, known for its rolling world premiere co-productions--a sort of self-pollination model--recently branched out into something more cross-collaborative as a way to grow new plays under the auspices of its Collaboration Fund program.
The low fruit set from self-pollination also indicates that this species is self-incompatible, which is common in other Solanaceae (Forni-Martins et al., 1998; Oliveira-Filho and Oliveira, 1988; Stehmann and Semir, 2001; Storti, 1988).
The treatments performed were as follows: (1) spontaneous self-pollination, in which inflorescences remained protected with nylon bags without manipulation throughout flowering to prevent pollination by insects; (2) manual self-pollination, where flowers received pollen from the same plant; (3) manual cross-pollination, carried out by collecting pollen grains of flowers from the second area; (4) natural pollination, where flowers were not manipulated and left exposed to the action of all flower visitors and; (5) Apis mellifera treatment: monitoring was carried out through the removal of insects of other species so that only A.
In the natural population, the difference observed between fruit set resulting from spontaneous self-pollination and the one resulting from open pollination (Table 1) reinforced the importance of geitonogamy in that species.
(2010), suggested that self-pollination and self-compatibility in bromeliads evolved as a mechanism to avoid interspecific pollen flow among congeners in highly diverse ecosystems.
Flowers were clamped 2 d before anthesis to prevent self-pollination. Experiments included two treatments: (1) pollination, and (2) no pollination.
There are two type pollination methods in nature: cross and self-pollination. The cross-pollination is observed between different types of plants.
Fruits are formed due to both cross pollination [12] and self-pollination [17, 20].
If a pollinator transfers pollens from one flower to another, it is called cross-pollination while if it does for the same species, it is self-pollination.
We investigated whether early season browsing affects the fitness cost of self-pollination in the obligately outcrossing species scarlet gilia, Ipomopsis aggregata, using clipping and emasculation treatments.
As outcrossing is known to increase fruit-set and fruit seediness relative to self-pollination in L.
Thus, until then, the flowers are only susceptible to cross-pollination, being that they only become susceptible to self-pollination during the complete opening of the flower.
In the apetalous mutant reported by Jiang and Becker (2001), reduced pollen production was recorded, but there was normal seed set after self-pollination.
3B), the self-pollination experiments were not statistically different from each other and the crosspollinated treatment produced significantly more seeds than either self-pollination treatment.