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voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing

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The participating travellers on the Camino de Santiago discover the changed ego through self-mortification on the way.
It also provides the necessary tension for a dialogue set between two aspects of a woman's life: the freedom to focus on her own personal needs and self-mortification through the various selfless aspects and obligations other life.
Certainly a woman like Anna Maria, whose faith is explicit, practiced in traditional forms including self-mortification and extreme to the point of intolerance towards other ways of life, religious or not, is in the minority in this society.
A mechanised torso attacking itself, noisily and clumsily, is not comparable to the self-mortification of Saint Jerome, nor is it edifying to watch a mechanical claw trying in vain to retrieve something from the innards of a headless Saint Francis.
He matches that achievement here and in some ways surpasses it, enacting a more figurative form of imprisonment and self-mortification.
As a print seller, bookkeeper, preacher, schoolmaster and theological student, this headstrong and irascible young man, given to bouts of religious fervour, self-mortification and depression, had at best struggled and at worst failed outright.
The Besht not only rejected self-mortification, but he mandated the use of material pleasures as a means of spiritual elevation.
Self-mortification morphs into self-aggrandizement and back again.
From documentation of differing types of religious violence, from sacrifice and self-mortification to religious persecution and wars, to nonviolent societies and their belief systems, Cruel Creeds, Virtuous Violence provides a fine survey of the kinds of religious ideas that lend to and foster world violence.
Shiites commemorate the event of arbaeen by undertaking the pilgrimage to Karbala, the site of Imam Hussein's death, and observe Shiite rites of self-mortification, chanting and drumbeating in procession
That said, let's leave the self-mortification to monks.
The cultivation of a teachable spirit, a certain self-mortification and a willingness to offer grateful response is required of serious listeners for God's voice.
One need not wonder about the demise of their self-esteem, and their desire to imagine a life other than their own, which they could find through self-mortification and fasting for the love of Jesus, their best redemptive opportunity.
Oder defended John Paul's practice of self-mortification, saying, "It's an instrument of Christian perfection.