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Synonyms for self-love

feelings of excessive pride

an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself

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Well; that is a reason at least that does not offend my self-love.
Again, not very flattering to my self-love,' said Eugene, moodily;
Nor did I expect to be loved devotedly, for the race has not yet evolved a man lovable on thorough acquaintance; even my self-love is neither thorough nor constant.
We have always some difficulty in believing such things, my pretty dear, were it only from self-love.
There really is nothing more beautiful than confidence and self-love.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being extra-lovey to your special someone or loved ones on this day, but self-love is something we should also prioritize and practice more, if not commemorate more.
A lot of people don't think they have time to practice this type of self-love.
Their unmet expectations often inspires a "love reset," which leads them on a journey of self-love.
Unfortunately, until self-love is present within, true love and care from outside evade.
This marvelous manifesto on radical self-love is life altering -- required reading for anyone who struggles with body image.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], Dec 26 (ANI): A survey has recently revealed that people, especially women, engaging in self-love or masturbation can produce better orgasms.
Teya Foley | THE HUFFINGTON POST So, what does self-love mean and what does it entail?
Synopsis: "Beyond Beauty: A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Full Feminine Power" by trilingual certified life coach, author, international speaker, and businesswoman.
She provides exercises so that readers can harness these abilities to find inner peace and self-love.
Thanks to her positive outlook and exuberant self-love ethos, Levi has attracted a community of more than 47,000 subscribers to date.