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locking automatically when closed

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Possible self-locking approaches might be based on, but are not limited to:
The new self-locking coop door kit works seamlessly with the ChickenGuard unit.
12 Self-locking doors that lock at the same time each night
In addition to its proprietary self-locking mechanism, SmartLOX Cervical Plate System features large graft/endplate windows for clear visualization, flush/smooth screw head profile, and options for self-tapping, self-drilling, fixed and variable angled screws.
* M224A1: Torque the two new self-locking nuts to 10 + 2 lb-ft (13.6 + 2.7 N x m).
28 -- Payson Casters has unveiled the new self-locking spring caster, designed for worker safety in particular for applications that include work platforms and portable rolling ladders.
Gear beads, motors, encoders and controllers from Maxon's standard program are used to drive the spindles, which are available in a metric M6 spindle with a self-locking function or a 5-millimeter ball screw with no self-locking feature.
Additionally, the self-locking connectors ensure safe connections and reduce the chance of an inadvertent disconnection.
PEM (Danboro, PA) nylon insert, self-locking fasteners provide a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread lock to prevent threaded mating hardware from loosening in service due to vibration or other application-related forces.
The badger was caught in a self-locking snare, but was recovered by officers alive and has since received veterinary treatment and been released back into the wild.
The series features a self-locking hardened steel drive train for smooth operation, mechanical end of travel stops, and patented clutch-free manual override for single-handed positioning of the actuator in any situation.
Washington, Jan 30 (ANI): Muggers beware: A self-locking, biometric digital wallet will soon make your profession a thing of the past.
The wedge ramp of the self-locking threaded fasteners allows the bolt to spin freely relative to female threads until tension is created in the male fastener.
An RSPCA spokesman said the animal could have spent 10 to 14 days trapped in the self-locking snare which got tighter as the badger tried to struggle free and is illegal under the 1954 Pests Act.
Mating with standard 60[degrees] male fasteners, Spiralock Corporation's Spiralock self-locking fastener thread offers a 30[degrees] wedge ramp at the root of the female thread to allow spinning relative to female threads until tension is created in the male fastener.