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(of firearms) capable of automatic loading and firing continuously

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After all, if you are hauling a 20-inch .308 self-loader, or a .300 Win mag with 20-, 22- or 24-inch barrel, the extra couple of inches of suppressor are hardly noticeable, and well worth the extra dB reduction.
The Nambu self-loader is often criticized, but when you fire it you realize that it Is of high quality, with an excellent trigger action.
The European self-loaders of the pre-Luger era were almost invariably ungainly and peculiarly functioning weapons, typified by the first commercial semiauto, the Schonberger, whose action was actuated by the recoil-driven movement of a deep-seated primer and not by movement of the case itself, or the barrel.
AMT continues to fill vacant niches in the handgun market with its family of stainless-steel self-loaders. In addition to basic 1911 guns in the standard calibers, AMT's Auto Mag series handles various magnum calibers from the .22 Magnum rimfire up through the giant .50 AE.
Weight savings in ammunition had became important when the bolt-action battle rifle was supplanted by hungry self-loaders. A selective-fire M16 could chatter through a magazine while an infantryman of the old school was cycling the bolt on his Springfield.
Station six is a crimp starter, seven finishes it and eight applies just a little taper so the reload will feed flawlessly through self-loaders. With a simple change you can do either six- or eight-point crimps.
A plethora of self-loaders immediately followed the already well-known M1911, Browning Hi-Power and the new Beretta into the commercial marketplace.
Most of the action shooting sports are likewise dominated by self-loaders. Is the faithful old wheelgun really on the verge of obsolescence?
That being said, it's time to move on to this month's topic--namely, the procedures necessary for the safe handling of self-loaders in the field.
I enjoyed Richard Venola's article about Winchester self-loaders ("Rounds Down-range," May).
As it turned out, although the 597 functioned superbly with the Premier load - as did all other domestically produced .22 magazines - there were a couple of foreign-made self-loaders that didn't feed reliably with the original cartridge configuration, and had mainsprings that were either too spirited or too wimpy.
Sharp edges are the biggest detractor from performance with all DA self-loaders.
If your needs are tactical, then self-loaders have an advantage -- to operate, you don't have to manipulate the bolt handle for each shot.
In typical service calibers like .308 or .30-'06, the magazines of most bolt-actions hold four or five rounds, whereas box magazine-fed self-loaders like the AR-15, FN-FAL, Stoner SR-25, Armalite AR-10 or M-14/M-1A can accommodate magazines with capacities of up to 30 rounds or more.