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Then you'd want mounts on your various .308 rifles, both self-loaders and bolt guns.
The Japanese police were forbidden from using self-loaders by treaty terms, so the revolver was the obvious choice.
And as hunters eventually discovered, the self-loader softens recoil a bit when compared to a fixed-breech gun.
First, he states that the "only self-loader with any track record" is the Desert Eagle.
Cool hands with autos generally have a 65 percent hit potential because of the self-loader's superior ergonomics.
Fired in a self-loader, such loads can create higher port pressure than 7.62 NATO and its 147-grain FMJ.
"If a homeowner was going to go out and cut five trees down and have a self-loader haul the trees to the mill, he would have to have a fire extinguisher and a shovel and a fire watch afterward," said Greg Wagenblast, a forester with the Oregon Department of Forestry.
Immediately, the police community seized upon the event, with countless departments summarily abandoning their revolvers and adopting some form of self-loader. Those with extraordinary magazine capacity were especially favored, since it allowed officers to carry as many as 20 rounds in their weapons, thus negating their presumed "firepower gap" with the bad guys.
A self-loader has many advantages, but it is incumbent on the owner/operator to familiarize himself with it before going afield.
Contrary to intuition, if a light crimp is good, a heavy crimp is not necessarily better Crimping is generally a mistake, but there are mechanical requirements to prevent the bullet from being driven into the case by recoil in a tubular magazine or during chambering in a self-loader, and to provide smooth chambering.
With newer handgunning enthusiasts, it actually personifies the term "self-loader," an honor previously held for more than 70 years by the Colt M-1911 .45 ACP.
The carrier assembly is why the AR is our most accurate self-loader. Case closed!
In a modern bolt action it doesn't really matter, but in a self-loader it becomes important.
Back when Smith & Wesson introduced their Model 39 double-action 9mm self-loader some 30 years ago, there were calls for the same pistol in .45 ACP.
With rimfires it's been much the same story: though not as popular as the auto shotgun, the .22 self-loader represents an accepted alternative to a bolt or lever gun.