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an understanding of yourself and your goals and abilities

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Among the book's recurring characters he is, sadly, the most successful in his quest, although the result is not self-knowledge but a curdled mix of fascism and mysticism.
If moderation is self-knowledge, it is unlike any other kind of knowledge, for its publicity cancels it.
John Calvin underscored the absolute necessity of accurate self-knowledge to knowing God in the opening pages of his monumental work, Institutes of the Christian Religion.
Attar, a twelfth-century Sufi mystic poet from northeastern Iran (a pharmacist by training), presents an allegorical tale about the soul's quest for self-knowledge, meaning, and, ultimately, the Divine.
M.'s point is that the ancient challenge of self-knowledge goes on along with and underlies the other challenges in the conscious flow of life--and that it behooves us to clarify this deepest of challenges.
When I was invited to act as guest editor for a volume of Knowledge Cultures on the theme "Academic Self-Knowledge," I put out a call with the following description:
Mailer saw the psychopath's juvenile, pleasure-seeking narcissism as an opportunity for self-knowledge and rebirth.
114 (2006), Carlos Moya ascribes a theory of self-knowledge to Richard Moran according to which knowledge of one's own actions explains authoritative knowledge of one's own beliefs.
Michel Henry, a late French philosopher and novelist, scrutinizes the lifeworld of scientific self-knowledge and trends in education.
Louis explores one potential strategy for improving self-knowledge: mindfulness.
The coherence of skepticism about self-knowledge can be generated from the assumption of anti-individualism about thought-content.
The overarching theme of the book is self-knowledge and, as a logical outgrowth, self-discovery.
Only Pack What You Can Carry: My Path to Inner Strength, Confidence, and True Self-Knowledge is from an author who learned to travel alone--and who tells why leaving everyone and everything behind for a few days or more is the best option to self-discovery and values.