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a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

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At that point, physical violence may become one of the ways to take revenge by self-justifying it in the frame of a religious dogma.
The resulting transcripts, notes, and interviews compose the evidentiary heart of Stangneth's account, opening an extraordinary window onto this unrepentantly partisan, disconcertingly candid, and volubly self-justifying society of perpetrators.
And, from the self-justifying, psycho-babble he has posted on Facebook, he appears also to be none too bright.
But drowning out opposite views in self-justifying online circles is easier.
(You can almost imagine it adapted, Greek-style, with a chanting chorus and scenes of Olympian interference.) And Dreyfuss, an intense live-wire of an actor whom we haven't seen nearly enough of lately, seems like a perfect choice for the Queens-born, self-justifying sociopath.
Evan H.'s vivid account of his abuse by his manager, Marty Weiss, is backed by a clandestine audiotape that unspools oncamera, broadcasting Weiss' self-justifying admission of guilt.
Poets know that plot is at best an accomplished divertissement, at worst a distraction, a self-justifying invitation to ignore the exotic, coaxing lure of words--the evocative musical surface of the text, the immediacy of vowels and consonants at serious play--and to ignore the clean world-ness of images themselves--the density of immersion in event, the collisions of angles, forms, and color that become, within the curious dynamic of memory, the past that, in turn, shapes (and distorts) the integrity of the self.
For instance, men and women in battle often rely on self-justifying faith that commits them to doing what otherwise could not be done.
As Ronnie reels off yet another of her self-justifying explanations you do wonder sometimes if she can actually hear herself.
The title of Fleda Brown's new verse collection comes from Robert Creeley's statement (included in the book as an epigraph) that "poetry stands in no need of any sympathy, or even goodwill." This observation about the art's self-justifying activity and existence leads nicely in the first few pages to one of the book's best poems, "The Purpose of Poetry," in which Brown positions the art in relation to contemporary American culture.
In the end, these myths are also self-justifying and self-defeating.
But this only gives rise to a new regress, for what justifies the belief that the thing that halts the regress is indeed self-justifying? Wittgenstein and Heidegger acknowledge that there is a ground for our beliefs and practices, but this ground is groundless: it is not a foundation that we can speak of as justified (or true or rational), because then it would no longer be ground--the "ground" would now need a justification.
The federal government is not, contra Lincoln, an eternal, self-constituted, and self-justifying structure of power.
Mike Lockley's self-justifying defence, ironically headed 'Words written without malice' asked us to 'read the letters on this page then look again at my column, then tell me which contain the most vicious and hurtful comments'.
With any luck, this should avert the ludicrous spectacle of one of them blinking in the unaccustomed daylight as he embarks on a self-justifying speech on the balcony of some dubious Latin American embassy.