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a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

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As part of Albert's confrontational self-justification, she points to her troubled childhood as the root cause of any supposed wrongdoing.
Treading the fine line between confession and self-justification, the absurd violence of threatened masculinity, and the perverse joy of neurosis, "Good People" is a compendium of twenty deftly crafted short stories by Robert Lopez with the common them of compulsive suffering at the precarious core of our universal humanity.
We are all now caught in a web of self-justification, bitterness and hatred.
Ayii Ayii Akol, the opposition's deputy head of humanitarian affairs committee said the government's behaviour "is self-justification of dictatorial tendencies with which Salva Kiir and small cliques of friends and relatives have continued to rule the country".
The Israeli self-justification, as if the Palestinians are supposed to be eternally grateful for the medical treatment given to their children is another aspect of typical Jewish arrogance," he said.
What's idle about the constant self-justification in the face of criticism, the guilt of not bringing in any money, the knowledge there's no time off?
This etiquette provided whites with self-justification for their racial beliefs while channeling black resistance.
And yes, okay, whatever') I still felt compelled to run the self-justification mental software, doing one of those complicated calculations involving my age, number of house moves, quantities of coffee tables so far purchased, average per-unit cost, overall cost-per-individual episodes of coffee mug placement multiplied by the square root (just to be ironic) of the general functionality bell-curve.
We need you to win, but getting tired of self-justification, tax fiddlers and racism.
Youth ministry suffers from the traps of self-justification and isolation but it needs to become part of an overall theology and mission, and the authors provide a strong survey of youth ministry's actions and purposes in a discussion that belongs in any Christian ministry collection.
Anyway, given his likely Royalism, the loveable Chelsea captain will presumably have been cock-a-hoop last week to see his patented method of self-justification used to defend the monarchy.
However, religion with external origin is a device to meet needs as relaxation, sociability, security, self-justification and job position.
The self-justification writing condition both externalized responsibility for the instance and minimized the severity of it.
Even when challenged, rather than back-pedalling and apologizing, the man launched into a self-justification exercise.