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Stalwart partisans no doubt will blame apathy and self-involvement for their declining market and mind shares.
With its multiple meanings, this work speaks of the possible rhetoric underlying contemporary art (extreme self-involvement at the price of gold) while also dealing with the artist's contradictory position.
It emphasizes conducting oneself in accordance with a set of ideals and not with conforming to Western habits of self-involvement and self-enhancement.
Autism is all about self-involvement, self-inclusion and self-stimulation.
Alarmingly, even the more humble projects risk failure as long as they do not confront their methodological self-involvement and their tendency towards institutional partisanship.
Too, we're up against a society and a media machine hell-bent on glorifying violence and substance abuse, and selling self-involvement and greed.
A Personality disorders are a group of chronic psychological disorders characterized by traits such as disturbances in self-image, difficulty forming successful relationships with others, socially inappropriate behaviors (such as displaying excessive emotion), difficulty with impulse control, inflexibility in response to people and events, lack of empathy for others, and excessive self-involvement.
Narcissism encompasses extreme patriotism, self-involvement and self-importance.
It is this intense overpowering self-involvement which is ultimately self-defeating.
Always fluent and often eloquent, Braider's passion is both reasoned and contagious; it is difficult not to resist descriptions such as: 'There is something almost autistic about Racinian tragedy, a magnificent if at times monstrous solipsism comparable to nothing so much as the hermetic self-involvement of its leading characters' (P-326).
They suggest Elaine de Kooning's famous toughness and self-involvement, while managing a grudging admiration for her.
Thus the workshop becomes an elegant ground for applying the methodology from standpoints of self-involvement, self-discovery, and self-appraisal.
Factitial dermatitis, also known as dermatitis artefacta, is a psychodermatologic disorder in which patients damage their skin but deny their self-involvement.
Think: A self-involved look at baby boomers, the generation(s) celebrated for self-involvement.
s vocabulary (locution, strong and weak illocution, performative utterances, stance, brute facts, institutional reality, self-involvement, construction, and construal) takes effort, and without many concrete examples of texts to which the method may apply, the first half is a more sluggish read for biblicists than for philosophers.