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As noted earlier, whether people's broadly self-interested actions produce good consequences depends on the institutional environment.
The belief that the self-interested person is "materialistic"--that is, obsessed with all things commercial and monetary--is perhaps the most common of the seven caricatures.
frequent and repeated updating of textbook editions) of those with whom they were not acquainted or whom they deemed to be overly self-interested.
Some have argued that liberal individualism's characterization of human action and motivation as exclusively or primarily self-interested may be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I cannot confirm that President Biya fits Olson's description of a self-interested dictator.
It invites self-interested actors to draw up districts that perpetuate their own political careers.
This article examines the rhetorical makeup of the idea that humanity is self-interested.
It is your "friendly" neighborhood psychiatrist pushing his toxic notions on children whom he has labeled with little else in mind than his own self-interested greed and a broader agenda of social engineering and control.
Yet the relationship between the first set of markers and the second is not always an economically self-interested one.
Albeit it is a morality which grows out of their promotion of the notion of self-interested individuals acting to fulfil their self-interest as a way to make the world better for everyone.
Years of observation and introspection have led many to the conclusion that people are self-interested creatures.
As a result, regardless of his or her cultural background, a volunteer who receives a wad of money in an economics experiment should offer as little as possible to a partner, even if both players will be left penniless if that partner rejects the often In theory, a self-interested partner should accept even a stingy offer since it's better than nothing.
So, in this view, responsiveness is achieved by meeting the needs of self-interested customers, and trust is achieved as a consequence of rational, calculative behavior.
The continued trend towards the privatization of welfare services in Britain assumes that individuals receiving social benefits act in a self-interested rational manner, carefully weighing the costs and benefits of their actions.
he is right to note the shift from a political order based on a shared pursuit of moral virtue and spiritual value to one devoted to constraining the actions of self-interested preference-maximizers.