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Synonyms for self-interest



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Synonyms for self-interest

taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others

concern for your own interests and welfare

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Their self-interest and lust for power seem in danger and they are fighting for their survival.
Literature, which is based on self-interest and lack of national values, is dangerous and leads to the downfall of society," the Chief Minister was quoted as saying in a statement.
This work highlights other ways companies can reduce self-interest in decision-making.
Self-interest is what hinders complete submission to the divine will.
The period saw the pursuit of economic self-interest go from being viewed as amoral, irreligious, and dangerous to being seen as commendable, civilizing, socially beneficial, and even ordained by God (only to be seen, Booker notes, once again, as a source of social problems and corruption by the close of the nineteenth century).
Bowles, however, makes two additional assumptions about what this means: First, self-interest is synonymous with "amoral selfishness" (2), which rather than being morally neutral (as "amoral" might imply) is instead morally dubious (as "selfishness" does imply).
"To understand the logic behind support for--or opposition to--economic redistribution, the research team focused on three motives: compassion, self-interest and envy."
In the Forward to Grisham's book, former Governor William Winter calls Tupelo "a place where people have learned not to dismiss their own personal self-interest, but to equate it with the interest of their community"
In this article I defend an unpopular, some might say discredited, position: psychological egoism, the thesis that we are always ultimately motivated by self-interest. (1) In the course of this article we shall see that people may be mistaken about what really is in their self-interest.
Most individuals, institutions or states are driven by self-interest. But there is such a thing as enlightened self-interest.
Her title gets at the core of her argument: Adam Smith invented modern economics by creating the idea of "economic man"--who is, in Veblen's terms, "a lightning calculator" of his self-interest--and the idea of the invisible hand, by which greed and self-interest are always good in leading to economic growth.
He advocates that although both the individual as well as society are drawn by powerful emotive of self-interest' and egoism', yet the individual can transcend these powerful instincts.
Men will contribute to a fundraising campaign if they are convinced that their self-interest is aligned with the particular cause.
Blang argues that self-interest, rather than any antagonism or misjudgment between the Western powers and the United States, prevented America's allies from influencing American policy in Vietnam.
But weaker males have less self-interest and tend to support the welfare state.