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Synonyms for self-interest



Synonyms for self-interest

taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others

concern for your own interests and welfare

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Unlike Tupelo, we have been unable to bridge divisions rooted in race, provincialism, self-interest, and ideology Thus, instead of discourse leading to success and distinction, we get unending squabbles that foster distress, disappointment, dysfunction, distrust, and discombobulation.
Recent scholarship on Smith explores the connections between the focus on sympathy in TMS with the focus on self-interest in The Wealth of Nations.
Veith then posits this explication of the doctrine of vocation as a challenge to the pursuit of enlightened self-interest that Adam Smith discussed in The Wealth of Nations, and it is here the primer runs into difficulty.
A realistic conception of self-interest is needed in the social sciences generally and public choice theory specifically; if widely adopted, this realist conception could boost explanatory power and perhaps even elevate what's possible in our polity.
He asserts that on pure reason', a weak group or society would never be able to convince or compel the other group or a nation to forego its power, privileges and self-interest except through the use or threat of use of matching power.
Aligned self-interest ("Poverty weighs down our interconnected economy, exacerbating many social problems like crime.
Blang suggests that the Vietnam crisis presented an excellent opportunity for these American allies to exercise their influence with the United States through a united front, even individually, but self-interest obstructed that opportunity.
This raises an intriguing question: Is there any way to pursue self-interest without feeling bad about it?
However my experience is that banking policy today remains the same, totally driven by self-interest with a hard legal team daring any customer to take them on.
One disadvantage is that it is unlikely governing elites will legislate against their own self-interest.
Gibson is right that individual self-interest and voluntary co-operation are both hard-wired in the human race.
Ignoring appropriate self-interest holds a variety of negative consequences for counselors, particularly those who work in community mental health settings (Bemard, 2006; Hill, 2004; Lambie, 2007; Myers, 2003; Myers, Sweeney, & White, 2002).
Let self-interest compete with self-interest universally.
It is generally assumed that the publication of The Wealth of Nations, in 1776, marked the birth of modern Economic Science, and the triumph of the interest paradigm (the idea that self-interest is the main motive of human action) (1).
Based on the authors' research, four "red flag conditions" are evident in defective decisions: misleading experiences, misleading prejudgments, inappropriate self-interest, and inappropriate attachments.