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generation of an electromotive force (EMF) in a circuit by changing the current in that circuit

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The home is central in all three contexts in which a pregnant person may choose to end a pregnancy using medication abortion: clinical supervision, telemedicine, and self-induction.
Self-induction with pills (misoprostol) should be seen neither as a sort of coat hanger nor as a method of last resort.
9 percent of women reported they had attempted to end their current pregnancy before seeking clinical abortion care, and there was a trend toward more self-induction in places closest to the U.
Data from the USA have shown that self-induction was associated with a delay in seeking or obtaining a clinic-based abortion.
Session: self-induction of relaxation; repeating the same suggestion programme from the last session; passive resting in an imagined 'comfortable place'.
10) There have also been reports in the media of women using various self-induction methods.
Dependence of the self-induction measured upon the perimeter length is presented in the Fig.
These account for at most 6% of the rational for self-induction.
4] Motion quantity, impulse Mass, quantity of magnetism or electricity Two-dimensional abundance Length, capacity, self-induction Period, duration Angular momentum, +2 [L.
5%), loss of self-esteem (9%), and self-induction of seizures (7%).
The principal functions of this element are the accumulation of reactive energy in the form of magnetic field and the generation of a self-induction voltage that is the source of the series positive feedback.
The author argues that: (1) Some sort of process account of the needed distinctions is correct, but that Elster's version must be reformulated, qualified, and augmented in significant ways if it is to identify the psychological processes that subserve adaptive preference-formation, and to explain important data about both forms of preference self-induction.
In cases of self-induction, psychological counseling might be of benefit.
Keeping in mind that the involvement of others was difficult to trace the one hundred cases reveal the following: self-induction was claimed in twenty-seven, the aid of an abortionist or supplier of drugs was admitted in fifty-one, and no clear determination was made in sixteen.
The "research brief' published on line 11/17/15 by the researchers from TxPEP was titled "Knowledge, opinion and experience related to abortion self-induction in Texas.