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voluntarily assumed or endured

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The nearer I came to the Chateau de Montpersan, the more aghast I felt at the idea of my strange self-imposed pilgrimage.
No unworthy impatience to be famous, no sense of the uncertainty of life, no weariness or terror at the length or breadth of his self-imposed task, could induce him at any moment of weakness to give way to haste or discouragement in the persistent regular collection and digestion of his material or in the harmonious execution of every part of his design.
Though he was faithful to his self-imposed task, and even found that he had grown to like Go-bu-balu, he could not deceive himself into believing that he felt for it that fierce heat of passionate affection which Teeka revealed for Gazan, and which the black mother had shown for Go-bu-balu.
From that self-imposed exile I came back, as I had hoped, prayed, believed I should come back--a changed man.
For some little time past the surgeon had discontinued his steady investigation of Geoffrey's face, and had given all his attention to the discussion, with the air of a man whose self-imposed task had come to an end.
President Rodrigo Duterte admitted on Thursday he was wrong with his self-imposed three to six months deadline on ending the drug problem in the country.
The bank's capital-markets business is now hitting a self-imposed limit that is key to risk control.
Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Soueid sternly slammed the self-imposed security measures in the country, in reference to checkpoints Hezbollah has set after blasts shook the Southern Suburb of Beirut twice this year.
17 ( ANI ): Former Pakistan President and ex-army chief Pervez Musharraf has announced on Saturday his return to the country - after almost five years of self-imposed exile - in order to lead his party in the upcoming elections.
Dubai Former President of Pakistan General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has once again announced plans to go back to his country, ending a self-imposed exile to participate in the upcoming general elections.
We request the banks to enquire the self-imposed conditions of these multinational banks which are making customers' lives miserable.
GOLF: Tiger Woods, who insisted he has never used human growth hormone (HGH) while recovering from injury during a press conference ahead of the US Masters, met with a muted reception from fans when his near five months of self-imposed exile finally ended at Augusta.
Summary: Tiger Woods is feeling the tension ahead of his return to golf after four months in self-imposed exile.
Such activities and experiences, coupled with dialogue specifically designed to create cognitive disequilibrium, facilitate the removal of self-imposed barriers in the learning process and help leadership students exorcise internalized fallacies.
4 per cent of GDP--far above the government's self-imposed ceiling of 40 per cent .