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Synonyms for self-importance

an exaggerated belief in one's own importance

Synonyms for self-importance

an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others


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an exaggerated opinion of your own importance

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Nothing, other than a misguided sense of self-importance, compelled Ed Miliband to seek leadership of the Labour Party and, through that, Prime Ministership.
All he is interested in is swanning around the country in a chauffeur-driven car, his police protection squad at hand and, of course, his red dispatch box - a man of self-importance but lacking in substance.
Critics may claim the album's title is full of self-importance, but after two decades in the industry, let's face it - there is no one quite like Mariah Carey.
Authors Liyin Jin, Yanqun He (both Fudan University), and Ying Zhang (University of Texas, Austin) said that the degree to which one feels powerful influences which type of price comparison threatens their sense of self-importance and, in turn, affects the perception of price unfairness.
Or are they so embroiled in their own self-importance that they just don't care?
Bureaucrats expand their bureaucracies out of self-protection and self-importance, not out of need or necessity, with the help of accommodating politicians.
All it seems for is the misplaced grandiose self-importance of those who decided for it to go ahead, despite the ever ongoing protests from the populace.
Not for the sake of self-importance, but for the benefit of our students and community.
These are two good lessons to reflect on whenever we feel tempted towards self-importance.
What can't be so easily forgiven is the chief stumbling block with the book, Prince's air of self-importance that suffuses the narrative.
India's reaction to these incidents shows how thin the veneer of self-importance is stretched over our shortcomings that it can be pricked so easily.
What a great confidence boost for Thierry, they'll say, he'd always lacked a bit in the self-importance stakes until now .
He was a great player in his day, and has retained his sense of self-importance.
Encouraging these teachers to empower children with these values and ideas of self-importance, the idea that one can change the world, and more, "Talking About Ideas With Your Children" is worth considering for those who want to truly inspire their young ones.
Root, particularly his criticism about the decline of modern society through the selfishness and self-importance promoted by secularists.