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Synonyms for self-importance

an exaggerated belief in one's own importance

Synonyms for self-importance

an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others


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an exaggerated opinion of your own importance

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Her ego (self-importance) said she was not sarcastic; "People are rude when they are sarcastic, and I'm not rude."
The study proved that a heightened sense of self-importance was the key reason behind the increase in self-control, researchers said.
Neither should we become so focused on our titles and functions, and put so much focus on self-importance, popularity, ratings and money.
We chose to act in ways that blocked ourselves on our own major road, causing much inconvenience to ourselves and to others.I have often wondered: Is it a bloated sense of self-importance that makes many of us to believe it is beneath them to stop behind other cars on their lane and allow the traffic to flow slowly, in order, but surely without any blockage?CAR CRASHESbrWhat makes some of us feel we are too important to wait, to queue, to allow others the right of passage and way?
Weighed down by sincerity and self-importance, there's an absence of camp energy which would make this nonsense fun to swallow.
Jones & Co are so full of their own self-importance that they resemble sparrows whose feathers are puffed up in the winter snow.
The election of Ed Miliband and not David sowed the seeds for which this country is now paying - an ineffective Parliamentary opposition that is full of its own self-importance.
When presented with something totally unbelievable, over the top and full of its own self-importance, I can find it incredibly funny - but there were no consolation laughs here.
The Assembly members of all parties seem to exist in an impenetrable bubble of their own creation, surrounded by layers of self-importance and spouting a type of jargon which renders most of their debates incomprehensible to the outside world.
Now to be psychiatric about this, we must look deeper to find the "narcissistic personality disorder." It is defined as a mental disorder in which a person has "an inflated sense of self-importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others, but has a fragile self-esteem." One major cause can be found in poor parenting where one or both parents pamper excessively or criticize the child severely.
Nothing, other than a misguided sense of self-importance, compelled Ed Miliband to seek leadership of the Labour Party and, through that, Prime Ministership.
"The camaraderie, the occasional intellectual stimulation and the enjoyment of a certain amount of self-importance"-Former labour MP Peter Bradley, who lost his seat in 2005, on what he misses about Parliament.
All he is interested in is swanning around the country in a chauffeur-driven car, his police protection squad at hand and, of course, his red dispatch box - a man of self-importance but lacking in substance.
Critics may claim the album's title is full of self-importance, but after two decades in the industry, let's face it - there is no one quite like Mariah Carey.
Authors Liyin Jin, Yanqun He (both Fudan University), and Ying Zhang (University of Texas, Austin) said that the degree to which one feels powerful influences which type of price comparison threatens their sense of self-importance and, in turn, affects the perception of price unfairness.