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shame resulting from strong dislike of yourself or your actions


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Readers of "I Am Woman" will understand why many trans women, including Husu, struggle with abusive relationships, self-hatred, and substance abuse, but they will also grasp how this marginalized community is weaving its way into the fabric of mainstream American society on a quest to live richer and more fulfilling lives.
It is not far-fetched to say South African whites are, indeed, behind the distressing scenes in the country, and have been part of engineering this self-hatred among black Africans by the favouring of one African group over another.
A generation suffering from stress, self-harm, self-hatred, anxiety, insecurity, anorexia, bulimia and cyber-bullying.
I would say this book, a collection of very honest and provocative essays, is uncomfortable to secular Jews for it confronts self-hatred and assimilation.
Moreover, as they lose their courage to fight back against your violence, they will accumulate feelings of self-hatred as well.
The man - who read his own victim impact statement at Mold Crown Court - said Martyn Tucker had set him on a path of self-hatred and self-destruction.
David Mamet is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, screenwriter and director mid author of The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Self-hatred, and the Jews.
I really, truly think this is the great soul wound of Western culture: self-hatred and negative self-talk.
In many situations self-hatred has been invoked where Jews have criticized what is typically "Jewish," and more recently, when Jews from abroad have criticized Israeli politics, especially with respect to the Palestinian problem, allegations of Jewish antisemitism or self-hatred have been the response.
Paul Reitter's On the Origins of Jewish Self-Hatred (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2012).
with so much shame and self-hatred you will wriggle out of yourself
The energy with which he rejected the truth added an unpleasant frisson of self-hatred to a campaign already beset by charges of racism, after Allen was captured on video using an obscure North African slur against an Indian-American political operative: "macaca.
An overall profile interpretation of each identity type resulted in the finding that several of the attitudes associated with Cross's Nigrescence Theory, specifically assimilation, racial self-hatred, anti-White, Afrocentric, and multiculturalist inclusive, were reflected in the qualitative themes.
Dear Editor, While reading Alan Clawley's obituary of John Madin and of the on-going demolition of Madin's work, I was struck by how Birmingham seems stuck in a never ending cycle of self-hatred and destruction.
A sampling of topics include: Jewish self-identification and West-European categories of belonging, the legitimization of the Diaspora experience, Jewish self-hatred in Germany and England, German Jews in Victorian England, and Jewish converts in 19th century Warsaw.