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Synonyms for self-generated

happening or arising without apparent external cause


originating from the self

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PCSIR Act allowes its Director General to use 60pc of self-generated income for buying consumables and doing repairs.
About 46 per cent of the GRCA's revenues - about $14 million - will come from self-generated revenues such as camping fees, park admissions, hydro generation, donations, property rental and other sources.
Spontaneous and self-generated dissociative states and phenomena sharing much in common with those that can be induced with hypnosis are thought to play a major role in their development, symptomatology, and perpetuation.
models are available in a self-generated vacuum model, in which the tool's exhaust directs contaminants to a portable self-contained vacuum system, and a central vacuum model, available for connection to external or central vacuum systems.
They are self-generated leads, they are not ones we have hunted down.
Thirty six per cent of our smelter energy needs are met by this clean, self-generated hydroelectricity which gives us a tremendous competitive advantage.
Shelton's portrait of Ingres' alternating public personas--one as an affiliate of the Academy and the other as a self-generated creative genius--provides a new context in which to consider the formal qualities of Ingres' work, which itself vacillates between academic banality and modernist experimentation.
And a craft that is powered by self-generated wind.
The mill is connected to the national power grid in case of emergencies, though purchased power is much more expensive than self-generated power.
And no amount of self-generated publicity is going to change that
Web engine/directory, Bilal (2000, 2001,2002a) explored these young peoples' affective, cognitive, and physical behaviors in performing three tasks: one fact-based (Bilal, 2000), one research-based (Bilal, 2001), and one fully self-generated (Bilal, 2002a).
The new sander is available in three models, Model 58599 is a non-vacuum tool that uses a 74mm X 109mm pad; Model 58504 uses 80mm X 130mm pads and is self-generated and vac-ready; Model 585505 is a central-vacuum-ready tool that includes a 80mm X 130mm vacuum pad.
According to Nextek, the Digital Power Gateway is an energy router that allows commercial buildings with distributed power sources to maximize their self-generated power use before drawing electricity from the grid.
Furthermore, we suggest students may treat their own self-generated narratives in the same way.
7 percent in self-generated revolving funds, primarily from tuition.