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without concern for oneself

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1) Where such contemporary uses of Heidegger differ from Heidegger is in their diagnosis of Cartesianism as an accidental lapse rather than as evidence of humanity's self-forgetting "essence.
2) In this context, the once euphoric experience of a self-forgetting unio mystica (as experienced in medieval times by German mystics and, to some degree, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's lyrical Werther figure (1774), has now often been replaced by encounters with a total horror vacui, by the perception that the world is caving in or falling out from under one's feet--as can be seen, as an early example, in Rainer Maria Rilke's Malte Laurids Brigge (1910), and, more recently, in several novels by Peter Handke and some other Postmodernist writers.
Euphorically experienced, this may culminate in meditative immersion and self-forgetting unio mystica; dysphorically perceived, it may lead to an experience of total abandonment, of horror vacui.
1310), the latter coining the stunningly insightful term "Istigkeit" (Is-ness) for a state of self-forgetting and abandonment, at times culminating in an experience of one-ness of everything with everybody and everything, thus making the self part of the divine, a state described once again a full five centuries later, early on in Goethe's Die Leiden des jungen Werther (The Sufferings of Young Werther, 1774).
For example, in the All's Well chapter, the theme is erotic self-forgetting and the issues taken up are drawn from psychological discourse (La Primaudaye and Montaigne representing opposing views about the need to remember).
But such commemoration is inadequate to the figure Antony has become, which is epitomized in Cleopatra's mythic reconstruction of the hero in terms that reach beyond conventional notions of the heroic to a sense of theatricalized identity, one that values multiplicity and instability: "Cleopatra transforms the discontinuities generative of self-forgetting into a prerequisite for heroic masculinity," thus producing an "alternative to Rome's .
the appeal of Faustus's aspiration is analogous to that of theater, which also induces, and even seems to advocate, self-forgetting.
While erotic self-forgetting in All's Well helps to reconstitute both Helena and, to a lesser extent, Bertram as subjects, this problematic play is by no means simply given over to forgiveness and forgetfulness.
Sullivan uses this moment in the text to explore the allure of self-forgetting as manifested in the play and on the early modern stage in general.
The sexual embrace gives temporary self-forgetting but the painful knowledge of mutilation is permanent.
Yager's Jessica is a less vividly real figure than the play's male protagonists, but as a devil's advocate she raises the central specter of Lonergan's play - the concept of aging as an inevitable step towards self-forgetting.
The latter prompts a by no means rare cri de coeur, unembarrassed in its aesthetic conviction: 'For how could the capture of self-forgetting at-oneness with the world through music be experienced without the underlying division of which the self voids itself in moments of attunement?
Defending one's own (and its elevation in courage) is often more connected to happiness and less nobly self-forgetting than she would have it.
It may be appealing to accomplish a Bo-like surety (one is one), but to speak only in the realm of art--what is the beau and what is not; how to proceed when there's no opposition and too many options to count--means not just a self-forgetting (knowing only one, Bo never could begin a search for self-knowledge ["10"]) but an enervated accounting of culture.
They must earn that back for themselves, less as self-preoccupied functionaries and more as self-forgetting pastors to their people.