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Synonyms for self-forgetful

without concern for oneself

Words related to self-forgetful

showing lack of self-interest

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Tasting the self-forgetful counter-intuitive love of God comes first.
Henry's salvation lies in his self-forgetful work ("work--the ultimate badge of health") the concrete unambiguity of surgery; in Heart of Darkness, the only sanctuary from nothingness is skeptical, decent Marlow's self-forgetful labors on the concrete unambiguity of his boat's engine.
Faith in the Real Presence is always and ever under attack, no doubt, but we have all witnessed instances where that core belief is revealed in instantaneous, self-forgetful action to protect Him who gave Himself to us.
Furthermore, Casaubon's broken health overpowers her own regrets and fills her with self-forgetful compassion.
The twelve chapters cover such areas as religion and prayer, the prayer of Jesus, prayer as self-disclosure to God, prayer as self-forgetful attention to God, seeking God's will in prayer, prayer as petition, the prayer of command, praying to Mary and the saints, the prayer of appreciation, growth in prayer, and prayer and praxis.
Is it slumber self-forgetful In its utter ease; Is it one or all of these?
Self-forgetful, they appear to have decided, at a moment that Soldi would be unable to pin down precisely, to plunge into the river of the outside world and let themselves be carried along, peacefully, by the current.
The position set out in the Preface to The Nigger - that it is the artist's duty to communicate 'truth', but that the epistemological wilderness that the artist inhabits in the 1890s has made that communication a hugely difficult, complex, and heroic exercise - is often echoed, especially where Conrad is expounding his fundamental beliefs to a young disciple: to Warrington Dawson, 20 June 1913, Conrad writes of 'an altogether self-forgetful sacrifice to that remorseless fidelity to the truth of his own sensations at wh[a]tever cost of pain or contumely which for me is the whole credo of the artist'.
12) Act 5, scene I reveals Annabella as remorseful and penitent, and in her last meeting with Giovanni she displays a self-forgetful tenderness and concern as she urges him to save himself while at the same time talking to him in the sisterly tones of their earlier affection, delicately attempting to establish the necessary distance between them.