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self-punishment inflicted by whipping

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NABATIEH: Despite Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah's stark warnings against self-flagellation, hundreds of mourners insisted on maintaining the traditional ritual.
The self-flagellation practice, however, is not the norm, even across the Shia world.
In just six months in charge Gary Rowett (pictured) has turned St Andrew's from a venue of self-flagellation into one where it's the visitors who fear being flogged.
Poison, a 132-second blast of self-flagellation painted bright, recalls Belly and Belinda Carlisle, and The Dirt similarly rushes by, tossing poisontipped darts over its shoulder.
Rather than enduring a week of self-flagellation Mayhew insists he will quickly move on to preparing for the next challenge, although not without a painful watch of Friday's DVD.
It started with a recitation from the Quran, and many participants wore black in mourning and chains on their arms, which are used for self-flagellation as a way to experience the pain of the Karbala massacre.
Known for his Zen-like poise and preparation bordering on self-flagellation, Bindra has mastered the art of defying expectations from a nation of 1.
If a movie, novel, musical, book or play is so volatile as to induce self-flagellation by an entire community, turn to something milder and less controversial.
Shi'a Muslims commemorating Ashura dress in black and may perform ceremonial self-flagellation or beating.
By SIMON STONE MAN UTD V MAN CITY TONIGHT, 8PM SIR ALEX FERGUSON has revealed he never watched a repeat of Manchester United's six-goal mauling by Manchester City last season, declaring: "I am not into self-flagellation.
Clashes broke out as Sunni students tried to stop their Shiite counterparts from self-flagellation inside the mosque.
While Sam's often melodramatic self-flagellation and declarations ("the ice that lived in me") are age-appropriate, they become repetitive.
Wade was livid with his second Test display but Gilchrist rebooted the six-Test custodian this week in Perth, arguing the keeper's self-flagellation wasn't warranted.
If self-flagellation was what the BBC was after, Paxo could have turned it into the scouring scene from The Passion Of The Christ.
The first thing we need to do is not engage in self-flagellation and ignore those in our caucus who will take delight in using this episode to gain for themselves the relevance they have lost over the prior two years.