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a machine that automatically provides a supply of some material


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By 1893, Parsons was living in Newton, Iowa, and had received his first patent for a self-feeder, assigning one-half to W.
But what we did, on the recommendation of the Fontana Station, was provide grains in self-feeders with compartments, one for each grain.
Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Virginia says he keeps a self-feeder containing corn, roasted soybeans, plus small grain with his hogs at art times.
Two men stood on the platform and pitched the sheaves into the separator's self-feeder, which was a fairly easy job since the feeder was just below the level of the platform.
A self-feeder for hogs requires less labor than the hand-feeding system.
Labor costs have been reduced by the use of the self-feeder and by letting the hogs husk their corn.
Then take a bottom from a bigger pail hanging that pail off the little one and then hanging the whole thing from the ceiling - a self-feeder.
For many health and beauty care products, where image is just as important as organization, Kadysewski recommends clear acrylic systems with automatic self-feeders.