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the expression of one's individuality (usually through creative activities)

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The current research contributes to the body of extant literature by demonstrating that favorable COB image will encourage more prestige value, social self-expressive value, inner self-expressive value, but less uniqueness value; the interaction between COB image and self-expressive value (including social self-expressive value and inner self-expressive value) will be reinforced for consumers with promotion focus; COB effect functions significantly in luxury symbolic consumption when brands are strongly linked to the COB.
17) Both Yeats and Beckett prioritized precision of verbal and physical articulation in accordance with their demands over the actor's self-motivated, potentially self-expressive performance.
In prior research in consumer psychology, there has been a long tradition of reported findings that commercial brands can be associated with symbolic meanings and with personality traits that are self-expressive in nature, and, thus, brands are often used for self-expression across a variety of social situations (see e.
They're very self-expressive and try to assert themselves in any way they can.
Children will make a piece of self-expressive art using their own thumbprint.
Technology has encouraged communication on our terms and led to an explosion of self-expressive, me-first messages.
Those of us who enjoy this culture with pure intentions should not be chastised for a subculture that can honestly be found in any music culture, from any era where young people reserved the right to be free and self-expressive.
He says that "because youth are at the center on many contentious debates around the world, it is important to pay closer attention to their self-expressive artifacts such as tweets, graffiti or rap songs.
The behaviors we currently associate with adolescence are, in effect, a historical luxury, enabled by an affluent, individualistic, self-expressive, and permissive culture that represents a restricted range of possibilities.
25 per min CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23 Passion for love, and life now intensifies, as the Scorpio Sun homes in on your most self-expressive area.
You may still feel a little bit less outgoing, but that will change later this week, and today the Sun gives you a major pep-up of energy, drive and enthusiasm, as it moves into the most self-expressive part of your chart.
There was a significant negative relationship between neuroticism and mastery, interpersonal, understanding, and self-expressive learners.
Babies with birthdays at the end of the month, around the 29th and 30th, are thought to be more sensitive and self-expressive.
This is very unlike, say an individualistic, self-expressive artiste like Pedro Almodovar(Almodovar on Almodovar, a fine book from the same series by Faber, the publisher).
The classroom instructional strategies are geared to four distinct math learning styles: mastery (step-by-step procedures, vocabulary knowledge, not abstract), understanding (reading word problems, developing a mathematical argument), self-expressive (metaphorical expression, modeling and experimentation), and interpersonal (game competition, cooperative learning, real-world applications).