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the expression of one's individuality (usually through creative activities)

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The addition of mobile videos to the YourQuote platform will allow even those users who are not well-versed with the written word to consume as well as generate content, thus taking the brand promise of uninhibited self-expression to another level.
In particular, the project will provide training sessions, interactive discussions on the topic "Psychological aspects that impede the self-expression of youth.
But you can thrive if you know how to navigate and adapt as you advance in your self-expression.
The V7+ is a selfie-centric smartphone which represents Vivo's mission of empowering self-expression of the next generation.
Degangi and Nemiroff (2010) suggested that reflective writing is an effective modality with emotional benefits, and a young person's written self-expression is no longer limited by pen and paper.
We believe that the vandal should have resorted to alternative means of self-expression that respect both the rule of law and the viewpoints of others.
Selfkie, and iOS keyboard for ultimate self-expression founded by Jonah Kaner and Ari Goldberg, has been launched.
The dress was created on a printer from Materialise of Leuven, Belgium, "I feel it's important that fashion can be about much more than consumerism, but also about new beginnings and self-expression, so my work very much comes from abstract ideas and using new techniques," van Herpen said.
This is evident in a number of studies focusing on the effect of self-expression classes targeting shy students (Goh, 2005; Baek, 2003; Ha, 2006).
The central purpose of this article is to examine the relevance of creative self-expression to leisure experience and define creative leisure using an empirical, phenomenological study of adults.
Self-expression and motivation are compromised when neurological deterioration in the frontal lobe develops.
However, training for self-expression can be proper for all individuals, because every people in expressing their "selves" have problems in certain situation.
self-expression and an exchange of opinions will soon be launched by the Arab
Embracing the ownership's desire to create a space for self-expression, the design team embarked on a renovation of an underutilized ground level in the tower building, creating "The Club" with areas to promote physical, intellectual, and social self-expression.
SANTA MONICA, CA -- Two of the nation's finest high-school artists were recognized as national winners in the Creative Self-Expression contest sponsored by The Great Frame Up, a custom framing and art retailer.