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the expression of one's individuality (usually through creative activities)

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Happiness was the emotion most frequently associated with writing to self-express.
Someone who wants to self-express, but doesn't really have the courage to carve their own path?
Adults in their 40s have learned to self-nurture and self-express.
One can similarly self-express half of the number-names between TWENTY and EIGHTY: 21-3-5-8-9, 30-2-4-6-7, 40-2-4-6-7, 50-2-4-6-7, 61-3-5-8-9.
Victor has his eyes and ears open to everything around him, and he was able to self-express his vision of life in NYC after an unfortunate skateboarding accident.
Self-express with wall decals or anime posters, helping to highlight a bold personality.
This programme explores these extraordinary style sects and their passionate desire to impress, show off and self-express.