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Synonyms for self-examining

given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences

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When self-examining your breasts, look out for the following signs:
"It's not that they're vain; they just can't get out of the cycle of self-examining. If you can, brush that little devil off your shoulder." Try to make sure that when you are looking in the mirror it is deliberate--and only for the purpose of bettering your dancing.
life?" Such a portentous question is hard to address, but it turned out to be a near-perfect encapsulation of the self-examining quality of the artist's work. describes the number 7 as "analytical and self-examining."
A milestone in Roth's career, the narrative mode of Portnoy--an extended psychoanalytic monologue--would influence Roth's later self-examining fictions.
For self-examining, this is the proper time for the Bharatiya Janata Party," he added.
"I really don't want a morose, deeply self-examining piece," he says.
Most chapters contain multiple review sections with self-examining questions.