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We have spoken with Arab women about getting screened and self-examination could be a step forward, but it will only be taken if we come to the community and educate people about it," she said.
Through this event, we want to draw attention to the merits of self-examination," said Vayalil.
To promote awareness of the merits of early detection, VPS will pursue a creative course of action - inviting hundreds of women to learn how to perform self-examination for breast cancer before asking them to participate in a group self-exam that they hope will set a Guinness World Records title.
Commenting on the campaign, Secretary General of FOCP and Head of the Pink Caravan's Medical and Awareness committee, Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, said, "The goal of our corporate wellness days and free public examinations is to encourage a higher number of people to visit treatment centres and to educate them on how to conduct self-examinations on a regular basis.
Dr Rajee says clinical visits are important because self-examination might not detect everything, especially if a woman doesn't know how to do it correctly.
Undoubtedly regular self-examination is crucial," claims Dr.
The experts further advised that women over the age of 20 should do self-examinations on a monthly basis and a clinical examination every three years, whereas women over 40 were required to do a clinical breast examination and mammogram every year.
She was actively involved with Think Pink's 'i check' campaign last year and has visited several villages to generate greater awareness among local Bahraini women and show them how to carry out breast self-examination.
Additionally, the data suggested that clinical breast examination (CBE) and breast self-examination should continue to play a role in detecting breast cancer.
But only 31 per cent of 2179 people polled knew taking their pulse was an important check, while 88 per cent knew about self-examination for breast cancer.
More than 1,700 mothers have been given revolutionary self-examination devices as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign.
Her aim is to promote the idea of breast self-examination to all women and encourage them to adopt it as a daily part of their lives.
Relationship and partner moderator variables increases self-efficacy of performing skin self-examination.
Hundreds of shower cards and posters will be placed in changing rooms throughout Wales to highlight the disease and underline the importance of self-examination and early detection.