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The self-examination sessions are challenging, Isabella admitted, but she added that everyone needs to do it.
It is important to increase awareness and help educate people regarding symptoms and treatment, and also give trainings of breast self-examination (BSE) because it is cheaper than mammogram.
Representing the pan-UAE breast cancer awareness initiative, more than 150 volunteering equestrians will take Pink Caravan's travelling convoy through the seven emirates from February 23 to March 1, highlighting the importance of early detection through regular self-examination and medical screenings.
Breast cancer, being the second leading cause of death of women in the region, M Hotel Downtown by millenniums aim is to shed light on the importance of self-examination as it leads to early detection."
The session also included a talk on the importance of early detection through self-examination in order to overcome the disease at an early stage, where chances of survival are relatively high.
"A breast self-examination is a method to detect any noticeable changes in one's breast.
"In the case of menopause, self-examination takes place on the same date every month," she said.
If women needed a visual reminder to take breast self-examination seriously, they got it in a number of iconic landmarks and establishments lit up in pink.
He said proper information about the disease and methods of self-examination can save women from falling prey to this deadly disease that claimed almost 40,000 lives worldwide each year.
[2] Breast Self-Examination (BSE) is an important, inexpensive and easy method to detect breast cancer that is recommended monthly for women who are twenty years old and above.
Current study was conducted to evaluate the knowledge regarding breast self-examination among female students.
According to a research conducted by the Umea University, women in rural India are waiting long before seeking medical care for breast cancer, the reason being lack of self-examination.
Regular screening includes breast self-examination (BSE), clinical breast examination, and mammography.
The app updates users on self-examination, helps set reminders on yearly clinical check-ups and monthly Self Breast Examination (SBE).