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Synonyms for self-evident



Synonyms for self-evident

evident without proof or argument

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If, for example, two propositions p and q were self-evident, and it were also self-evident that p and q could not both be true, that would condemn self-evidence as a guarantee of truth.
Even in our own country there are still philosophers who deny the principles asserted in the Declaration, as self-evident truths--who deny the natural equality and inalienable rights of man--who deny that the people are the only legitimate source of power--who deny that all just powers of government are derived from the consent of the governed.
By and by, this proposition, with many which I have been just urging, will be received as self-evident.
Excellence, in a poem especially, may be considered in the light of an axiom, which need only be properly put, to become self-evident.
In conclusion, the general observed that his wife took as great an interest in the prince as though he were her own son; and that she had commenced to be especially affectionate towards Aglaya was a self-evident fact.
Why, o' course I know THAT,' said Riderhood, as arguing something that was self-evident.
For the rest,it is self-evident that the abolition of the present system of production must bring with it the abolition of the community of women springing from that system, i.
He added as a self-evident proposition, engendering low spirits, "But you can't marry, you know, while you're looking about you.
The impossibility of crossing this gulf was self-evident, and Kennedy could not restrain a gesture of despair.
He had heard that statement so often, and he could not see why it was true; they did not know the conditions as he did, why should they accept it as self-evident that their greater age gave them greater wisdom?
Ultimately (as I see it), Kaspar gives us no reason for thinking that intuitions are knowledge, as opposed to being beliefs that we take to be self-evident, that we take to be true, that have a certain degree of prima facie plausibility, and that may very well end up being true.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
In the third night of Muharram at Sayyed Al-Shuhad complex in the Southern suburb of Beirut, Seyed Nasrallah said that Imam Hussein's enemies rejected his self-evident facts, which tackle his sacred kinship, and insisted on fighting him, Al-Manar reported.
Once again, these are all self-evident facts plain for all to see.
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